Afrika! Welcomes The Class of 2014



Congratulation and Welcome Class of 2014!

       We would like to invite you to join Afrika! (with a 'k'), Macalester's official organization for African students and anyone else who just loves Africa!!!!! 

We are a very open and diverse organization that is committed to nourishing African cultural intellect and providing political and economic awareness in the Macalester community. Throughout the year, Afrika! hosts a variety of fun events such as Dances, Cultural Shows, Dinners and we even have host lectures by various scholars. Our goal is to  to engage the Macalester student body in African issues in a fun and energetic, yet enlightening manner. Members of Afrika! also have the option of participating in the most renowned soccer club on campus, the Mambas.

Our first official meeting of the semester will be a sumptuous Welcome Dinner to be held on Saturday the 18th of September in the Smail Gallery of Olin Rice. African cuisine will be served and the dinner will be provide a great opportunity to learn more about the organization, relax and meet the Afrika! family. The President of Macalester College, Brian Rosenberg, will also be at the Welcome Dinner together with the Dean of Students and so this will also be a great time to meet and chat with them.

Regularly, Afrika! meets about twice every month on Tuesdays nights from 8pm-9pm in the Campus Center. A more detailed schedule for the semester will be made available to you at the start of the semester.

For more regular updates on events and functions, please join our Official Facebook Page or you can follow us on Twitter. You can also visit our Official Website on the Macalester Network.




Once more, welcome!

Afrika! Executive Board