Judy L. Vicars ’68

2007 Alumni Service Award

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Judy is one of the people who make the world run, but if she had her way you would never know her because she prefers to work behind the scenes. She is a "suit up and show up" kind of volunteer, one who always cheerfully answers the call to work on behalf of Macalester. Judy has been an active member of every one of her Reunion Committees, including this year’s 1967-1968-1969 cluster committee. She has served on the Alumni Board and always attends at least one football game per year.

Also, Judy is an accomplished graphic designer who has spent hundreds of hours crafting beautiful certificates to honor Macalester’s retiring board members, trustees and alumni award recipients.

Judy had a bi-cultural childhood; her family roots are in St. Paul, but she graduated from Washburn High School in Minneapolis. After graduating from Macalester with majors in psychology and elementary education, she naturally got a job as a computer programmer. This was in 1968 when computers took up entire rooms and data was entered via punch cards. She was able to use her experience in programming and her natural talent as a designer to move into graphic design as the field became computer-dependent. She has been part of the in-house design group at West Publishing for 23 years.

In addition to her volunteer activities for Macalester, Judy is involved with Eagan’s Rotary International, which provides her with many opportunities to use her skills as an organizer and designer for nonprofit organizations. But her heart is at Macalester, where every on-campus experience has prompted her wish that she could just come back and do it all over again.