J. Michael González-Campoy ’83

2008 Catharine Lealtad
Service to Society Award

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Michael González-Campoy is the founder, medical director and CEO of Minnesota Center for Obesity, Metabolism and Endocrinology (MNCOME) in Eagan. The practice is the result of González-Campoy’s longtime commitment to addressing some of this country’s most widespread and serious health threats— obesity, diabetes and related diseases.

After graduating with majors in biology and chemistry, González-Campoy earned an M.D. from Mayo Medical School and a Ph.D. from the Mayo Graduate School, followed by a fellowship at the University of Minnesota in diabetes, endocrinology and metabolism. These accomplishments, according to González-Campoy, would have been impossible without his partner and wife, Rebecca Cameron González-Campoy ’83.

The Lealtad Award, however, goes beyond individual success to recognize service to society. González-Campoy served as president of the Minnesota Medical Association and on numerous committees of the American Medical Association, including its minority affairs consortium. He has also worked with the Minnesota Department of Health and the governor, addressing diabetes and health care disparities, and was an active supporter of the Freedom to Breathe Act, which barred smoking in Minnesota bars and restaurants. In 2006 he received a Minnesota Latino Achievement Award for his achievements and community service.

But his most important contribution may be his work treating obesity and advocating for active physician intervention and aggressive treatment. "By the time I retire," he says, "obesity will be recognized as the biological and treatable disease it is." Because he is bilingual and bicultural, González-Campoy is uniquely qualified to provide sensitive and effective care to Spanish-speaking as well as English-speaking communities.