Lorne Lieb ’98

2008 Young Alumni Award

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Lorne Lieb has parlayed a longtime interest in film and a passion for social justice into a career producing documentaries focused on social justice issues. After majoring in urban studies and sociology at Macalester, he attended Syracuse University, where he produced a film on the school’s labor issues, as well as one on his work at Macalester with the dismantling racism effort.

Upon completing his master’s degree in communication at Syracuse, Lieb joined the Independent Production Fund and began work on a film called Muslims, which garnered great interest after September 2001. Public Broadcasting secured the film for their program Frontline. He has since worked on other films for PBS, for ABC’s Nightline, and for other clients such as Dartmouth Medical School.

"I’m very interested in the change that happens because of film," says Lieb. "We create outreach and educational materials to go with our films, so the film has a longer useful life. For example, when Muslims aired, many communities watched, then discussed the anti-Muslim backlash following 9-11."

Lieb’s commitment to social justice is not confined to his professional life. He has been active in Jews Against the Occupation because, as he told The Nation magazine, "We want to create a space where support for Palestinian rights is not seen as traitorous or self-hating." He is also a member of Jews for Racial and Economic Justice, which partners with people of color, low-income, and immigrant communities in New York.

Lieb’s current project is an ambitious multicultural history of the United States that examines history from the perspective of those, like farmers and teachers, often left out of traditional accounts.