Louisa Chapman ’75

2009 Alumni Service Award

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Louisa Chapman is a medical epidemiologist with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. As a commissioned member of the United States Public Health Service, she is Captain as well as Dr. Chapman. As part of various teams, Chapman has addressed nearly every public health challenge of the last 20 years, including a deadly hantavirus, smallpox, anthrax, terrorism, the West Nile virus, and the health of Hurricane Katrina victims. Most recently, she collaborated with colleagues around the world to develop science and policy around xenotransplantation, the use of non-human tissue in human beings, treatment that holds great promise, but runs the risk of introducing new infections to the human recipients.

Despite the demands of her professional life, Chapman has long provided extraordinary service to the college. She has organized Day of Service events and alumni gatherings as an Atlanta chapter leader, served on the Alumni Board from 1997 to 2003, and co-chaired this year’s ’74-’75-’76 cluster reunion, spearheading a number of this year’s special events.

Chapman remains active in the Macalester community for a number of reasons. Her family has long been committed to education. Also, she says, "I have met alumni who have achieved remarkable things, people I would otherwise rarely encounter — kindergarten teachers, political scientists and others who engage the world and energetically pursue their interests."

Always ready to recognize the work of others, Chapman personally penned 14 nominations for Alumni Awards. "Her volunteer contributions to Macalester have been voluminous and consistent," say the five Alumni Relations staff members who jointly nominated her.