Art Bud Ogle '64

2009 Distinguished Citizen Award

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Arthur "Bud" Ogle graduated from Macalester with majors in history and philosophy. In 1965 he married Donna Sederburg ’64, his high school sweetheart and Macalester Homecoming queen. In 1966, embodying his understanding of Macalester’s vision of one world, Ogle respectfully returned his draft card. He earned a divinity degree at Yale in 1967 and a PhD in diplomatic history from the University of Virginia in 1971. Along the way he was ordained a Presbyterian minister.

In 1985 Ogle became director of Christian campus ministry at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, where he involved students in addressing poverty in a nearby neighborhood. In time, the Ogles left Northwestern and moved into that poverty-impacted neighborhood to discover how to end homelessness one family at a time. To help meet the need for safe, low-cost housing, the Ogles bought and rehabilitated the Jonquil Hotel—previously a haven for gangs, drugs, and prostitution — and Ogle’s mission expanded into Good News Partners, which he serves as president.

"Bud lives what many of us would like to think is the true Christian life," wrote Donald Gemberling, one of no fewer than five classmates who nominated Ogle. "He asks little for himself, earns a small salary, and lives among the people he helps."

Today, the Jonquil is a thriving community of 60 families and individuals. Good News also has rehabilitated 300 housing units, manages several buildings, and builds community through tutoring, drug rehabilitation, employment training, and support services.

In 1994 Macalester presented Ogle with an honorary degree. Strong advocates of asset-based community development, the Ogles often share their Chicago experience by working internationally to stimulate critical thinking and nurture community growth.