Scott McCallum ’72

2010 Distinguished Citizen Award

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Scott McCallum, son of a mailman from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, served as his native state's governor from 2001 to 2003. Filling out the term of former governor Tommy Thompson, McCallum was forced to deal with a pressing economic crisis. Later the Wall Street Journal called him one of the national "political tough guys" for solving the state's budget shortfall without raising taxes.

After his governorship, McCallum hit on three criteria for his next job: it should be international in scope, should include helping people, and should involve building an organization. He hit all three criteria in 2004 when he was named president and CEO of Aidmatrix Foundation, a Dallas-based organization that uses advanced information technology to create efficiencies between donors and the needy. Aidmatrix began by matching donations from food companies with needs of US food banks. When Hurricane Katrina hit the year McCallum joined Aidmatrix, the organization responded efficiently; the Wall Street Journal called its response one of the few that had gone right.

The Aidmatrix system is used in Europe, Canada, and Latin America; recently India, which loses a third of its food to spoilage, has shown interest. Medical supplies and pharmaceuticals are also matched up to charities using Aidmatrix. Said nominator Rick Ford '74, "Scott's contributions to the global community on a very large scale speak for themselves. He has had an enormous impact in bringing aid to people in need."

McCallum, who has a master's degree from Johns Hopkins in international studies, also served as a Wisconsin state senator and as lieutenant governor. In 2009 he was named Ernst & Young regional Entrepreneur of the Year.