Kate Havelin ’83

2011 Alumni Service Award

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Kate Havelin believes that you never know where your opportunities are going to come from. Mac connections helped her find her first jobs at a newspaper in Fargo and at KTCA-TV. Then, for more than a decade she produced news stories and shows for WCCO-TV, including the longtime favorite Moore on Sunday with Dave Moore. Since leaving TV, she has written 18 nonfiction books, including two this year on historical fashion. It's difficult to imagine how she has made time for a parallel volunteer career, but she has.

Havelin has served on every one of her Macalester Reunion committees. She has hosted first-year course dinners for at least four years. She has helped Mac students prepare for the future by speaking to classes and serving on career panels. "Kate is a Macalester volunteer we can count on, always willing to step up and do what needs to be done, with a smile," according to Alumni Office staff members.

Havelin also volunteers in the broader community. For seven years, she and her family provided short-term, licensed emergency foster care for families needing a safe place for their children. If you visit the Science Museum of Minnesota, you may see Havelin in the nearby National Park Service's Mississippi River Visitor Center, teaching visitors about the river's recreational opportunities, culture, biology, and history. She also volunteers at St. Paul's Jackson Preparatory Magnet School, helping students build their academic skills.

In addition, Havelin is well known in political circles as someone who, in true Macalester fashion, not only knows the issues, but devotes hours to phone-banking and door-knocking to effect the change she wishes to see in the world.