Paul Raushenbush ’86

2011 Distinguished Citizen Award

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From launching the religion section of The Huffington Post to working as an original editor of to publishing a book for teens about faith, Rev. Paul Raushenbush is a key part of the national conversation about religion.

In his work with The Huffington Post as the senior religion editor, Raushenbush emphasizes interfaith understanding and civil discourse. At Princeton University, he was associate dean of religious life and the chapel from 2003 to 2011 and served as codirector of the Program on Religion, Diplomacy, and International Relations at the Liechtenstein Institute. He was also president of the Association of College and University Religious Affairs. In 2007, Raushenbush, an ordained American Baptist minister, edited the 100th anniversary edition of his greatgrandfather’s book Christianity and the Social Crisis.

Five years ago, he started a national interfaith conference called Coming Together, which Macalester students attend annually. "Paul has long been one of the most innovative religious educators in the country," campus chaplain Lucy Forster-Smith says, adding that Macalester's Multifaith Council grew out of the experience students had at the conference. "All over the country, that event spurred dialogue and deeper understanding of the need for religious diversity."

Raushenbush, a religion major at Macalester, left St. Paul with lifelong friends and fond memories from his WMCN radio show, varsity swim meets, and cricket games on the Dupre lawn. At Macalester, he cultivated a deep international perspective that he daily applies to his work. "I learned that we should do whatever we do with an eye toward alleviating suffering and bringing more peace, more justice, and more understanding to the world."