Jane Bowman Holzer ’02

2012 Young Alumni Award

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Growing up as the daughter of an attorney, Jane Bowman Holzer ’02 enrolled at Macalester without any intention to follow in her dad’s footsteps. She majored in religious studies, played rugby all four years, and studied abroad in Germany and Austria.

“My attitude was to get a good education and then find a career path,” Jane says. “My experience at Mac taught me the importance of being part of a greater community, working with others, and coming up with creative solutions.”

What Jane didn’t expect was that this approach would steer her straight to law. After graduating from William Mitchell College of Law, Jane joined the St. Paul-based Housing Preservation Project (HPP), a nonprofit law firm that represents homeowners in foreclosure. Now a supervising attorney at HPP, Jane’s work champions the rights of homeowners as Minnesota families face the aftermath of predatory lending schemes.

Working there meant getting immediate experience in court and with clients. The first case Jane ever filed, on behalf of a woman who stood to lose her home after an equity stripping scam, went to trial—a rare experience for a young attorney. The court ruled in her favor, awarding Jane’s client the house, setting a precedent for other equity stripping victims.

Outside the office, Jane is on the board of Project 515, a nonprofit legislative group that advocates on behalf of same-sex couples. Jane is also involved with Minnesotans United for All Families, the campaign to defeat a bill that will ask voters to amend Minnesota’s Constitution to define marriage as between one man and one woman.

Back at Macalester, she’s a regular panelist for the “Out in the Workplace” series. Her brother, Jay Bowman ’07, nominated her for this award. Simply put, he writes, “Jane makes the world a better place on a daily basis.”