MAC in the City 2014 Host Sign Up

Mac in the City (graphic)

Host a MAC in the City event

Our goal is to host MAC in the City events, big and small, in more than 50 locations around the world the evening of Thursday, October 2. We are looking for reliable volunteers to make it happen. Some cities will have multiple volunteers, so feel free to recruit alumni to help you. To sign up, read the Volunteer Responsibilities, complete the form below, and submit it no later than Monday, August 11.


  1. Find a location (restaurant/bar/lounge/home) where you would like your city’s/neighborhood’s group to gather. The space can be private, semi-private, or a designated area within a larger space; the venue should be free. You will need to provide us with a contact person for the venue. A staff person from our office will help you throughout the entire process.
  2. Attend the party and greet guests. About a week before the event, you will receive a packet containing blank name tags, markers and other materials—everything you need to host the event. Your main duties will be to check-in and welcome guests. A final guest roster will be emailed to you a few days before MAC in the City.
  3. Bring a camera and take photos of your event, or arrange for a volunteer to do so. Email your photos to so they can be included in the event's online photo gallery.
  4. Maintain contact with the Alumni Office after the party in order to coordinate any post-event details and to mail the attendance sheet back to the office within a week of the party.

Staff from the alumni office will handle tasks such as sending invitations and reminders, updating the event web page with party details, and keeping track of RSVPs.

No financial commitment is expected of volunteers. Guests are expected to purchase their own beverages and appetizers, unless you wish to donate the cost of the appetizers and/or drinks for the group.

If you have questions, please contact Daymond Dean ’91 at or 651-696-6079.

Host Sign-Up Form
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