Be a Macbassador (Volunteer)

Who are Macbassadors?

Macbassadors are alumni who volunteer and support "dear old Macalester." Macbassadors show their passion for the college by supporting its mission through their gifts of time, talents, and treasure, and by telling friends and neighbors about the excellence and uniqueness of a Macalester education.

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Macalester alumni volunteer their time and talents to the college in four main areas: Student Support, Admissions, Class Agents and Leadership.

Student Support programs and activities bring alumni and students together for community, conversation and connection. From hosting internships to speaking on campus, serving as a host family to coaching teams, student support opportunities come in many different forms and are coordinated by many different departments, including (but not limited to) the Department of Multicultural Life, International Student Programs, Athletics, the Career Development Center, the Internship Program and academic departments. Student support volunteer opportunities vary by semester; some require a physical presence on campus, while others are available to alumni around the globe.

Admissions volunteers interview prospective students and represent Macalester at college fairs. We are particularly looking for alumni volunteers who graduated in the past ten years, alumni who live outside of Minnesota, and especially alumni who live outside of the United States.

Class Agent volunteers are instrumental in building a foundation of broad support for Macalester. They reach out however they feel comfortable to at least 10 of their classmates, asking them to give to the Annual Fund. The Annual Fund supports financial aid, faculty and staff, student programming and daily needs on campus.

Leadership volunteers include members of the Board of Trustees, Alumni Board, chapter group steering committees and the young Macalester Alumni Connect (yMac) steering committee. Serving in a leadership role requires a multi-year commitment, as well as ongoing and consistent participation in outreach, event planning and fundraising on behalf of the college.

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Current Volunteer Opportunities

Macbassador of the Month

Macbassador of the Month photo

In recognition of her continued devotion to the Macalester community, Rachel Austin Bernstein '09 is our Macbassador of the Month for November.

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