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Share your hospitality and friendship, support diversity at Mac

The Alumni of Color and Friends Host Family Program for Students of Color and Multiracial Students connects incoming and returning domestic students of color and multiracial students with local alumni of color and friends of the college. The goal is to enhance these students' sense of community, both within Macalester and around the Twin Cities. Since it began, this program has enjoyed great success and has been an excellent source of support to students of color and multiracial students of color from various cultural heritages, religious beliefs, and gender expressions. Hosts say it is an excellent way to participate in the Macalester community and students say they are grateful to have a "go-to" family nearby who can relate to being a Macalester student of color.

Hosts may be individuals or families. Students who participate will start the program in fall semester. There will be five office organized events where students and hosts interact as a large group: two in the fall and three in the spring. Beyond that, hosts are expected to interact with their students as both individuals’ schedules permit, with the expectation that paired hosts and students get together at least two times a semester.

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