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Send a Senior MacMail

Ideal for: All alumni regardless of location or class year
Deadline: All postcards must be received by Monday, May 2

Help us welcome the newest cohort of alumni by sending a MacMail postcard for a senior. As graduation approaches, seniors have a lot on their minds - passing finals, moving, finding a job, starting grad school, saying goodbye to their friends, and more. A MacMail postcard from an alum shows them that they will be part of the larger Macalester community forever, gives them encouragement that they will find their way, and gives many a boost of energy just when they need it. It only takes a few minutes to write a message that can make a big difference for a senior.
See details and instructions for sending MacMail

Become a Career Helper

Ideal for: Alumni interested in having career conversations with students and other alumni

When it comes to figuring out how to apply a Macalester education in the job market, alumni are the experts. Career Helpers are alumni who have raised their hand to serve as a resource for students and fellow alumni who want to learn more about specific fields, career paths, employers and industries. Activating the Career Helper badge on MacDirect sends a clear signal that you are available for these conversations, as well as flagging you as a potential volunteer for your major and minor department(s). Career Helpers are not expected to offer jobs or internships, but rather serve as resources and a support system for alumni and students of all ages.

As of January 2015, 504 alumni have signed up to be Career Helpers--please help us build our network!
Visit MacDirect and become a Career Helper