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Host a First-Year Dinner

Ideal for: Alumni living close to campus interested in connecting with faculty and students
Deadline to Apply: Monday, September 14

Help welcome our first-years to the Macalester community by hosting a first-year dinner. It is a wonderful opportunity to connect professors, first year students and alumni for community and conversation. Each year between 15–20 classes are hosted by alumni within walking or easy busing distance of the college. The meal doesn't need to be anything fancy—although it will need to include a vegetarian option. First-Year Dinners will be held between Friday, Sept. 18, and Wednesday, Oct. 21.
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Become a Career Helper on MacDirect

Ideal for: Alumni interested in connecting with students and encouraging networking
Deadline to Apply: Anytime, but do it soon because seniors start networking in earnest in the spring

To date, 169 alumni have activated their Career Helper badge on MacDirect, our online alumni directory. This badge serves as a clear signal to the juniors, seniors and alumni searching MacDirect that you are interested in being contacted for career advice. Have you activated your Career Helper badge? Take a moment to visit MacDirect and do it today. While you're there, take a moment to update your Contact and After Mac tabs. Doing so will help our seniors find you as they search for alumni who can help them as they embark upon their career paths.
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