February 2011 - Aditi Naik '07 & Benjamin Kantor '05

Photo: Aditi Naik and Benjamin Kantor

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When the admissions office needed more alumni volunteers to interview prospective students in NYC and Boston, Brooklyn residents Aditi Naik '07 and Benjamin Kantor '05 stepped up.

When admissions volunteer coordinator Jane Andrews asked Aditi if she could interview one prospective student, Aditi enthusiastically responded. When Jane asked if she could interview an additional prospective student, Aditi recruited Benjamin who was also eager to help. Today, these two volunteers have conducted several admissions interviews. Jane said, "They are very positive, happy to help, and enjoy representing Mac. I can't tell you how much that helps the college."

In addition to helping the Admissions Office recruit future students, Aditi and Benjamin support current students by giving to the Annual Fund. Because they each have given to the college every year since graduation, they are members of the Summit Society. Join us in congratulating Aditi and Benjamin for being Macbassadors of the Month.

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