July 2011 - Adrian Moran '91

Photo: Adrian Moran

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The Chicago alumni chapter and the LGBT alumni network Scots Pride have recently come alive with enthusiasm and energy due to the efforts of Adrian Moran '91. That's why we name him July's Macbassador of the Month.

After moving from the Twin Cities to Chicago, Adrian turned to technology to reconnect with his Macalester friends. "My involvement with Macalester has been an evolution over the past few years," Adrian said. "I started connecting with old friends through Facebook, and then started organizing events through the Chicago [alumni] chapter." After fellow Chicagoan and Alumni Board member Susan Perry '83 asked Adrian to serve as a chapter contact with her, the Alumni Board quickly capitalized on Adrian's successes as an energetic volunteer and elected him to the board.

Adrian said he's come to appreciate how thoughtful and engaging Macalester people are. "It's a group that's diverse in many ways, but there's a certain common open-mindedness and willingness to participate in real conversation." Adrian believes the use of social networking tools, particularly Facebook, will continue to play a vital role in fostering those conversations and connections between alumni and the Macalester community.

In addition to all of the many ways Adrian is connecting Macalester alumni, he also helps current students access Macalester's unique world-class education by giving to the Annual Fund. Please join us in congratulating Adrian for being Macbassador of the Month.

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