March 2012 - Khaled Habayeb '03


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The youngest-ever president of the Macalester Alumni Board, Khaled Habayeb '03, is a true believer in his alma mater. "I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for the support of Macalester faculty and alumni," he says, citing everything from financial aid to faculty mentorship to alumni job help.

Before joining the Alumni Board, Khaled was already an active East Coast alumni volunteer. As a student and new grad, he says, he benefited greatly from alumni connections maintained by his mentor, economics professor Karl Egge. Egge regularly incorporated alumni guest lecturers’ presentations in the classroom and taught students about the world of economics by annually taking them to New York City to meet alumni working on Wall Street.

Despite his busy schedule as both vice president of Equity Capital Markets at J.P. Morgan and an MBA student, Khaled has graciously helped with alumni events in New York, connected with students, and returned to campus for Alumni Board meetings and other events. He has also supported the Annual Fund each year since graduation. Why take on so much? Says Khaled, "I feel it’s my obligation to give back in any way possible. And I just happen to enjoy doing it, too."

Khaled demonstrates a pride in the college built on his knowledge of Macalester as well as his familiarity with other colleges and their graduates. "I've interacted with enough students from across the country to know that the quality of Mac students is second to none. It makes me proud to be a Mac grad and prouder still to support its current students."

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