March 2013 - Sarah Puro ’99

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In recognition of her continuing support of the college and exemplary volunteer record, Sarah Puro '99 is March's Macbassador of the Month.

Puro, a political science major, holds a master's degree in public policy from the University of Chicago. For nearly a decade she has worked as an analyst for the Congressional Budget Office, where she provides nonpartisan analysis and information to congressional staff and interest groups. Despite her busy career and family life with wife Amanda and their two children, Sarah continues to contribute her time and talent to supporting current Macalester students. In the past six months alone, she has visited campus to speak, provided feedback as a participant in the Macalester Alumni Reader Project, and hosted a student Career Exploreship in Washington, D.C.

Yet, Puro doesn't think her dedication to the college is all that extraordinary. "It doesn't take that much time and it helps students to understand the world outside Macalester a bit more," she says. "When people ask for help, I'm happy to do it if I can. It just seems like what we should do to give back, to help out, to pay forward the help that others have given us."

As a Summit Society donor, Puro has supported the Annual Fund continuously since her senior year at Mac. "I joke with my friends about how I think that liberal arts graduates should take over the world, and I'd like to help them do just that. Supporting Macalester financially and with my time helps to achieve that goal in some small way," she explains. "It is important to me to give back to Macalester, an institution that has been an important part of shaping who I am."

Please join us in congratulating Sarah Puro '99, our Macbassador of the Month.
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