January 2014 - Sarah Graves ’04

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In recognition of her continued commitment to the Macalester community, Sarah Graves '04 is our January Macbassador of the Month.

Sarah, who majored in Communication Studies at Mac, is the athletics admissions coordinator for the Macalester Athletics department and an assistant coach for the varsity volleyball team on which she used to play. Her dedication to the Macalester community continues well outside of business hours. She is also a back-to-back Reunion volunteer, having served on the Alumni of Color Reunion planning committee last year as well as on her 10-Year Reunion planning committee this year.

"There are just so many energetic, smart, funny, creative and generous people involved in this place. Why wouldn't you want to connect with and support them?" said Graves. "Many of these students, alums, faculty and staff still push me today to think more critically and do better in all the activities with which I am engaged. I support Macalester because I feel my time as a student and athlete helped me define how I wanted to be as a person in the world and I want to give as many current and future students that opportunity."

Not only does Sarah support Macalester with her work and volunteer time, she also is a Summit Society donor our students can count on year after year.

Please join us in congratulating Sarah Graves '04, our January Macbassador of the Month.
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