Macbassador of the Month

These alumni volunteers were recognized as Macbassadors of the Month in 2015.

Reunion volunteers | Suzanne Oh | Soham Banerji | Ed Deutschlander | Dr. Johanna Moore | Julie Zhu

  • Reunion volunteers
    June 2015

    In recognition of countless phone calls and a whole lot of laughs, all 163 of our Reunion volunteers are our Macbassadors of the Month for June.

    Reunion 2015 was a special one, the largest in Macalester history. We welcomed a capella groups Sirens and Traditions back to campus for their first-ever reunion. The Class of 1990 celebrated its Silver Scots 25-Year Reunion, 1965 its Golden Scots Reunion, and Scots Pride, our lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans* and gender non-conforming alumni network, convened a special Reunion as well. If you knew about, felt invited to, and/or came to Reunion this year, it is thanks to the indefatigable energy of our volunteers.

    We are grateful to those who wrote e-mails, made phone calls, and sent letters. We are thankful for those who staffed hospitality rooms, made playlists, raised class gifts, and emceed class dinners. The Class of 1965 couldn't have broken records with its class gift without its volunteers. There would have been nobody to speak on Scots Pride panels without the grace of their committee. And, of course, nobody would have attended without all of the personal, informal outreach our volunteers did.

    Our vision of what Reunion is—fun, meaningful, and welcoming to all—is a testament to a small group of committed people who not only are connected to Mac but also want others to share that joy.

    Please join us in raising a glass in thanks to all of the Reunion volunteers, our June Macbassadors of the Month.

  • Photo Suzanne Oh '13
    May 2015

    In recognition of her commitment to mentoring current students, Suzanne Oh '13 is our Macbassador of the Month for May.

    Oh graduated in 2013 with a major in psychology, and currently works as a High School Coach for College Possible. Oh is one of the most involved volunteers in her class, having come back to campus four times in the past year to speak with Bonner Scholars, at a dinner about year-long service, with seniors about life after Mac, and at a networking event organized by student government.

    "No one goes through life alone and there is no such thing as too much support," said Oh. "The presence and encouragement given to me by current and former faculty, staff, and students is really valuable and was a major source of my strength through college. I know I would not be where I am or who I am today without this collection of people. So, I come back just to be another possible presence or support for those who might want it." On top of all the time and energy she gives to Mac, Oh also supports the Annual Fund.

    Please join us in congratulating Suzanne Oh '13, our May Macbassador of the Month!

  • Photo Soham Banerji '10
    April 2015

    In recognition of his commitment to supporting current students and bringing the larger Macalester community together, Soham Banerji '10 is our Macbassador of the Month for April.

    Banerji, an economics and international studies double-major, is a senior associate in the monitoring and evaluation division of Dexis Consulting Group in Washington, D.C. In addition to serving as a Class Agent for the Annual Fund and a member of his 5-Year Reunion planning committee, Banerji is also very active in speaking with current students about life after Macalester and careers in international development, including reading student papers through the Alumni Reader project and hosting students during the recent MacConnect D.C. trip.

    "I actively support Macalester as an alum because it is my responsibility to guide and support students as they prepare for life beyond Mac," said Banerji. "It's truly an honor to be a part of the Macalester community and I will endeavour to give it my all for future generations of students."

    On top of his impressive donations of time and energy to the college, Banerji is also a sustainer for the Annual Fund and a member of the Summit Society.

  • Photo Ed Deutschlander '93
    March 2015

    For his passion for fostering leadership and continued support of the football program, Ed Deutschlander '93 is our Macbassador of the Month for March.

    At Macalester Deutschlander majored in psychology, played varsity baseball, and served as the captain of the varsity football team. A nationally recognized expert in recruitment in the financial services industry and the CEO-elect for North Star Resource Group, Deutschlander returns to campus each year to speak to the football team about leadership and life after Macalester. He also makes a deliberate effort to recruit and hire Macalester students as interns, helping them make the transition to the professional world.

    "The reason that I support Macalester as an alum is because I feel it is my obligation and responsibility in that Macalester has played such a large part in my being the person I am today and in the success that I have enjoyed," Deutschlander said. "I also derive a great deal of joy meeting and assisting today's Macalester students. Their quality and character is a constant reminder of the quality and character of Macalester. It is a real honor to be part of the greater Macalester family."

    It should come as no surprise that Deutschlander is honored every year at the football banquet with the Deutschlander A.C.E. Award, given annually to honor the Macalester football student-athlete who best exemplifies the characteristics of attitude, commitment, and effort as seen by their fellow team members. On top of his generous contributions of time and expertise, Deutschlander also supports the football program financially.

  • Photo Dr. Johanna Moore '03
    February 2015

    For her tremendous contributions to the health, well-being and safety of the Macalester campus community, Dr. Johanna Moore '03 is our Macbassador of the Month for February.

    A chemistry and biology double-major, Moore began working with Macalester First Aid after it formed in spring 2010. She was instrumental in creating the Macalester College Emergency Medical Service (MCEMS) in Fall 2011, serving on-call during all MCEMS hours as medical director. MCEMS serves as a first responder service during typically high-demand periods both on campus and at select off-campus events, providing an important service to students as well as a unique skills development opportunity.

    Moore continues to be involved with MCEMS and Macalester First Aid by giving presentations, providing protocols and expert medical direction. "I like to say that I became a physician because of my incredible academic experience at Macalester," said Moore. "I want to give back what I received. Working with Mac students is always easy and fun, as I uniformly find them to be motivated, curious, and intelligent." In addition to her substantial contributions of time and talent to the Macalester community, Moore also supports the Annual Fund.

  • Photo Julie Zhu '97
    January 2015

    Julie Lehnhoff Zhu '97, a political science and communication studies double major, received her JD from American University, Washington College of Law, with a focus on immigration and international human rights law. She lives in San Francisco, where she is involved in local political campaigns. If you've attended an alumni event in the Bay Area, you've probably met Zhu — she is the main contact for the Bay Area chapter, and has attended and/or planned at least 30 alumni events in the area in the past decade. On top of her impressive work connecting Bay Area alumni, Zhu serves on the Alumni Board, is an active Class Agent, and has served on a Reunion planning committee.

    "I grew up in a small, homogenous town in a rural state (Wyoming) and never experienced much of the world until I went to Mac," says Zhu. "Fast forward nearly 20 years, and Mac still connects me to the world. I meet Mac alumni, students, and professors whenever I travel," says Zhu, who cites her experiences traveling to Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, and Mongolia with the alumni travel program. "It is worth staying connected — it can broaden your world!"

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