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Reunion 2007: Class of 1957

Our 50-Year Reunion is in June 2007!

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Current photo of Lila Schneider Azad.

Lila ("Peggy") Schneider Azad note »
pazad55 [at]
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I’ve had three major careers since leaving Mac. One in the field of education, one in training to be a sculptor and the one I’m still using, clinical psychology. I was married the December after leaving Mac to Manouel Azad, a physician. We left the next day to live in Iran. A series of events happened that brought us back to Minnesota where we lived until 1993. At that time, Manouel took a position in Modesto, Calif., as medical director of radiation oncology. Along the way, we raised seven of his family, been through a shipwreck, major flood, car accidents, surgeries and survived them all! I can’t remember ever being bored.

Living with the three flags that flew at Mac opened my eyes and heart to moving from a local mentality to an international perspective. Mac’s education enabled me to further my education through to a Ph.D. I facilitated a cancer support group, People Helping People, for 20 years and learned to live life to the fullest — every day, every year. I conserve and recycle — Hildegard would be proud; vote in every election — Ted, too; and am a concerned citizen who gives back to the community. I’m still pursuing excellence, learning, love my work, am passionate about art — especially from Asia; travel extensively and spend winter on Maui. Family and friends are my first priority, work second and art third.

Yearbook photo of Esther Freyborg Swan

Esther L. Freyborg (ELF) Swan note »
jwswan57 [at]
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My career has been in accounting — first as a senior cost accountant with Honeywell after graduation and now as a senior tax professional and EA with H & R Block. I just finished my 20th year with them. It is a great part-time job, working from about January 15 to April 15.

Before that I stayed at home with the children. My son James lives in Heathrow, Fla., and is CFO of a communications technology company. My daughter Nancy lives in Denver, Colo. She is a CPA and now a stay-at-home mom.

Besides working part time as a tax professional, I have been doing a lot of skiing and playing golf. We do a lot of traveling and spent some time in Italy last fall. I also seem to keep busy being Treasurer of the Black Hills Symphony League and P.E.O.

I made some great friends at Macalester and wish I would see them more. Of course, all the accounting and business courses I took at Macalester have been of great importance.


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