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Reunion 2007: Class of 1957

Our 50-Year Reunion is in June 2007!

Remember When...

Dorm Life (Women)

Senior year in Bigelow
First floor Bigelow was wonderful for me my senior year. I had a great roommate, Nancy Waller and a great friend Colleen Johnson Kottong.
Esther L. Freyborg (ELF) Swan

Signing out to “Home”
I lived in Bigelow Hall and my home was on the East side of St. Paul. If I wanted to stay out overnight at a friend's house but couldn't contact my dad to get a slip for the housemother, I would just sign out to 'home'. If the housemother called my dad to check on me, he would say, "Oh yes, she's upstairs in bed." Then the next time I talked to him, he might ask me where I was on such and such a night. He always told me that since I was now over 18, I was responsible for my person.
Alice Presbrey Heath Williamson

Scaring off an attack
One night, I was attacked a block away from the dorm. My scream scared the attacker away. I remember deciding then that the nights God gave us are too beautiful for one man to ruin my nights by instilling fear of nights into me. I still love the nights!
Dixie Lee Douglas Schamens

The “Man on the floor” alarm
Jerry Drier and I were custodians for the girl's dorms.  We lived in the basement between Wally and Bigelow Hall. One of our weekly assignments was to bring up the clean sheets to the floors.  Bells would ring loudly throughout the building indicating..."man on the floor!" How times have changed!
Bruce Pagel

Those drat bats
I remember the bats (underline bats) in Wally Hall — seldom hit with our tennis rackets.
Joyce A. Bergendahl Beytien

Breaking Bigelow's curfew
My date and I went to the All-College Dance in Spring 1954. Curfew was, I think, 1 a.m. for the big event. We didn’t get back to Bigelow in time so a friend on ground floor let me in her window. My date was busily pushing my voluminous skirt in the window after me when we said goodnight.
Marlys J. Johnson Holman

Always room for popcorn
Studying for an exam, smelling popcorn and following everyone down the hall to the room with popcorn - the heck with the studying. Much laughter always went along with the popcorn!
Georgia Lindgren Catton

Warm and wonderful friendships
My four years in Bigelow Hall bring to mind many warm and wonderful memories. Friendships made there have remained strong all these years.
Nancy Knauff Waller

Wally Hall dessert-eating contests
Together with my Wally Hall roommates (Joyce Bergendahl Beytien ’57 and Ann Bangsund Grussing ’58), a dessert-eating contest was sometimes held. The winner was determined by comparing our profile snapshots. When the kitchen was closed on weekends, we brought out the hot plate and dined on fried Spam for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If not nutritional, it was very cost-effective.
Alice Wallien

Five minute warning
I remember the blinking of the entrance lights of the girl's dorms at five minutes to ten warning the "neckers" that time was up!
Tom Bayer

Living in Bigelow
The days and years at Bigelow Hall provide many memories — formal dinner service on Wednesday nights, the many sing-a-longs, bridge games, studying for finals, the great friendships made, Mrs. Carlson and Mrs. K. and their watchful eyes, and decorating for open houses. Great years — great memories!
LaVonne (Vonnie) M. Haar Kennealy

Long goodnights in the fishbowl
The fish bowl at Wally Hall remains a vivid memory. We have the long Minnesota goodbyes; and there we had the long goodnights. The comings and goings during any given evening were events in themselves. Again, if those walls could talk!
Jerry Meigs

45 degrees!
In Bigelow Hall, we had great parties and open houses. "Girls, doors at a 45 degree angle!"
Elizabeth (Liz) Smith

Turning 21 and becoming Queen of Scots
We also had great parties in Summit House. I remember "The SPAN Fiasco";  Vicki Horvat in the barrel and dance line; Irene Thurk King ’57, Liz Smith, Jeanne Cronstrom, Mary Lou Hanson Moeller ’57, Marcia Larson, Martha Olson, Shirley Zellmer Boardman ’57 and Mary Gludt ’59 celebrating my 21st birthday and being Queen of Scots all the in same week.
Elizabeth (Liz) Smith

Allowing time for Honeymoon Bridge
I would always organize my class schedules to allow ample time for rest and relaxation. Honeymoon Bridge with Joy was a favorite pastime.
Ramona Bole Kaszas

Late night conversations in Bigelow
Conversing long into early morning hours with Bigelow 2nd floor south floor-mates Sue, Mary, Helen, Trudy, Joy, etc., made me realize how naïve I was about life prior to college.
Ramona Bole Kaszas

Dining in Bigelow Hall
Eating family style in Bigelow Hall dining room: “Don’t sit too close to Mrs. Carlson’s table and be sure to get a waitress like Barb, who will get ‘seconds’ for us while still available!”
Ramona Bole Kaszas

Moving to Summit House
I remember moving to Summit House as a junior and serving as president of the dorm council during my senior year. Having three roommates instead of just one was a new challenge!
Ramona Bole Kaszas

My first two roommates
Ah! Dormitory life! My freshman year, I lived on 3rd floor in Wally in one of those big rooms with three windows looking out over Summit Ave. Having been one of three sisters who shared a room growing up, I was as prepared as anyone to share this dorm room with two other girls. It was pretty crowded, especially the closet space, but at least we had our own washbowl, even though we had to fish each other’s hair out of it. Even today, I can almost smell the heady aroma of Sally Winner’s  (’55) bath powder that she applied in big clouds with a pouf. Poor tone-deaf Sally; how she struggled to learn the simple tune to “Peddling My Bike,” so that she could teach it to her elementary ed. class! But, she passed! My other roommate, in addition to being a serious student, was famous, an Aquatennial princess that year. Dressed up in one of her fancy gowns, Barb Lynch ’57 was flat-out gorgeous, and the rest of us were jealous because most of the telephone calls in our hall were for her.
Carol Smythe McClellan

My roommate “Doc”
Having a roommate nicknamed “Doc” who, when she was tired of studying, would start down the hall calling out, “We need a fourth for bridge.”
Barbara James Schue























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