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Reunion 2007: Class of 1957

Our 50-Year Reunion is in June 2007!

Remember When...

Favorite Places Around Town

Going to Porky’s in Jack’s old hearse
Jack Stuckmayer ’57 owned an old hearse. On several occasions we would load a very large number of passengers in this vehicle, all clustered on the floor, and go to Porky's drive-in on University. After having sent in our varied food requirements via the handy phone at each car stall, Jack would then track the time it took for the manager to arrive under the supposition that the extraordinary size of the order was merely intended to harass the help. We didn't do it too often but it brought him out every time. None-the-less, he did seem to appreciate our business.
Alan Naylor

Hitchhiking to the other twin city
Three of us donned Mac sweatshirts and hitchhiked to Minneapolis one Saturday!
Joyce A. Bergendahl Beytien

That new shopping mall
We'd have Saturday morning breakfasts at the counter in Farley’s Drug, followed by occasional shopping trips downtown or to that new shopping mall known as Southdale.
Ramona Bole Kaszas

The St. Clair movie theater
I remember walking home from the St. Clair movie theater in the dark with friends.
Barbara James Schue
















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