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Reunion 2007: Class of 1957

Our 50-Year Reunion is in June 2007!

Remember When...

Love and Love Lost

The lab that led to marriage
Carolyn Michelsen ’59 and I met at Macalester College in 1956.  We were both taking human physiology and anatomy from Dr. Walter, an excellent professor. We were partners in the lab class.  We got along so well in that lab that we decided to study for the class together — the rest is history. After dating a year and a half, we were married graduation weekend.  Now we are blessed to be celebrating our 50th Wedding Anniversary on June 9, 2007, here in Caledonia.  (Incidentally, we still love bagpipes!)
Ronald E. Tornstrom

Beating the odds
At Macalester, the ratio of girls to boys was 3-to-1, so a group from Wally Hall went to the University of Minnesota and put up a sign for a dorm Christmas party. A nice young man from the U. asked me to the dance. He kissed me on the forehead and we got married a year later. Thank you Macalester!
Joycelyn Kurtz Schaffhausen

The reason Homecoming was so great
When serving on the Homecoming committee, I met my college sweetheart, Joanne Rawn ’58 and later married her.
Karl Kaufman

That best man in Mary Feehan’s photo
Seeing the picture on Mary Feehan’s desk of her as the maid of honor at her sister’s wedding.  Several years later I discovered I had married the guy who was the best man.
Barbara James Schue

The thrill of the chase…
A classmate once said, she liked me because I had “such nice ears.” Another of our classmates who was in my English Literature class knew I liked her. I would have asked her for a date, but she walked so fast, almost sprinting and finally would run into the girl’s dorm before I could get close enough to talk to her. Boy, was that ever frustrating!
Samuel Baez















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