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Reunion 2007: Class of 1957

Our 50-Year Reunion is in June 2007!

Remember When...

Serving the Community

Performing the “Dance of the Lights”
I remember traveling with a busload of Mac performers under the leadership of Sandy Hill ’57. I danced with three glasses containing lit candles on my head and on top of both hands in the “Dance of the Lights.”
Rosalind (Sally) Lorenzana
Santos Moldwin

The Troupers went to prison
Tartan Troupers, a group of volunteer amateur entertainers, performed at a prison and one of the members was a baton twirler who twirled with fire (underline fire). We turned the stage lights off — that's not (underline not) the thing to do in a prison! Can't really recall if they stopped the show but there was a great deal of commotion and we were given a reprimand! Remember Bart? (Bart Mueller ’58 and I were co-chairs.)
Joyce A. Bergendahl Beytien

The good works of the Tartan Troupers
How we continued the tradition of community service projects on the part of Macalester students — in particular our activities of Tartan Troupers. The group was made up of many students who gave their time and talents to perform each month at children’s homes, homes for the elderly, and orphanages (thankfully they no longer exist!). Perhaps the most satisfying was the annual Tartan Trouper Carnival in the Gymnasium where, according to the literature, Mac students acted as “foster parents” for 350 orphans and children from community centers.
Sandy Hill

















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