Class of 1956 55-Year Reunion

Reunion - June 3-5, 2011

Who Will Be There

This is a list of Class of 1956 alumni who are registered to attend Reunion 2011. Want to attend? Online registration is now closed, but you are still welcome to join us. Just check in at your registration site when you arrive on campus.
Registration Information

  Donna Beernink Gunderson-Rogers '56
  John R. Carley '56
  Norma Domian Magnuson '56
  Joyce Engeman Hayek '56
  Lois Fagerness Moheban '56
  Darrel J. Gubrud '56
  Marcia Glenn Marshall '56
  George P. Hernandez '56
  R. Alan James '56
  Charles N. Johnson '56
  Daniel E. Jones '56
  Ann Jensen Lederer '56
  David B. Jones '56
  Carol Kiefer Kiecker '56
  Ed W. Linner '56
  Margaret McQueen Bard '56
  Audrey Monsen Olson '56
  Edward E. Reichstadt '56
  James R. Tjornhom '56
  Thomas P. Wentworth '56







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