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Dear Old Macalester, Ever Renewed - Fifty Years '62 - Reunion - June 1-3, 2012

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Trying to Balance the Budget
Lee A. Carlson

Being elected junior class president was a surprise. We held a dance and lost about $60. While we attempted to raise money in a variety of ways I think we ended the year with a deficit. I hope I don't owe the college the $60 plus interest. Serving on the Community Council was enjoyable.

The Play's the Thing
Evan Seymour

The class of '62 remembers that Macalester's WW II era Little Theatre was indeed little, especially its stage, a fact important to this story. Important too is "spirit gum," a substance used back then to more-or-less secure mustaches and beards to the faces of male and female actors (the latter including the beard Tamera Noble wore when playing the prophet Tiresias in "Antigone"). But the beard in question was worn by Speech Professor Roger Mosvick, playing Denmark's King Claudius in Mac's production of "Hamlet." Again, the stage and backstage area were very small, so small that when actors charged off stage, they ran into the arms of stagehands, lighting technicians, and the makeup crew. These offstage heros were often members of Mary Gwen Owen's "Experiences in Contemporary Theatre" class, many of them education majors of the female persuasian. One such young makeup artist was standing off stage left when in the middle of the intense Act IV, scene 5 (Laertes threatening to kill Claudius, etc.), Mosvick / Claudius strode to the end of the stage left platform and six inches from the makeup artist's face loudly hissed "SPIRIT GUM!" She did not faint. And by the next scene the King of Denmark's beard was firmly back in place.

Drumming Up the Courage
Darlene (Dolly) Sackrison Fraser

Being in the Pipe Band was a major highlight. But, being the only drummer on a trip to Canada was scarier than scary. I was not the best drummer in the world and that was way out of my comfort zone.

The Bright Lights of the Stage
Edith "Edie" Ford Happe

The Little Theatre was in a quonset hut and we ran lights on a rheostat board.

Hitting a High Note
Mary Ann Gustafson Reed

As a freshman, having the opportunity to attend Minneapolis Symphony Concerts opened up a whole new world for me, highlighted by singing Beethoven's 9th with Antal Dorati. As a junior, I was thrilled to be able to study piano with Donald Betts, who not only possessed the gift of teaching but of instilling confidence as well.

Life Outside the Classroom
G. Robert Allen

Most people will remember me from the three years I worked in the book store. I have great memories of ski club trips, participating in Mac Jaycees, and trips down Grand Ave. to the Green Mill.

Reaching New Heights
Sam E. Lewis

I remember getting my pilot's license and representing Macalester at an air show in Stillwater, Okla. with several other Mac students.

All Dressed Up
Judy H. Henneman Cronen

I remember all of the fantastic formal dances. We dressed like young women, and the men also dressed appropriately during our years at Mac.

Ping Pong Memories
Betty Rudberg Bole

Kofi Annan and I were ping pong doubles partners for a Macalester tournament. We spent many hours practicing at my home where my mother usually asked him to stay for dinner with our family, an invatation he gladly accepted. I still have the silver second place medal we won. I always enjoy when Kofi is asked about his most memorable time at Mac, and he replies "Playing ping pong."

Foreign Journalists
Eleanor Ostman Aune

We shared our senior year with the first group of what we then called Foreign Journalists, and as communications secretary for the Community Council, I got to know many of these writers from afar as they came to know America. "Pal" from India stayed in touch, and I visited him there in the 1990s.

Picking up Skiing
Thomas Livdahl

I met Carol Price '63 on a Mac ski trip. We enjoyed alpine skiing during college and continued skiing with family and friends after college.

Late-Night Journalism
Eleanor Ostman Aune

I remember late nights on the third floor of Old Main, working on the newspaper and the yearbook. If someone on staff wanted to get into the building after lockdown, we'd drop via rope a bucket containing a key to the person on the ground. In pre-dawn hours, we'd raid the Dixie Cream doughnut delivery boxes. As I recall, we'd toss a dime into the box for our late night sustenance.

Church Music
Kathryn A. Lucas

My organ professor, Earl Barr, was a big inspiration and he pushed me to do my best. I gave an organ recital each year and just loved playing the pipe organ in the Macalester Church.

A Darn Good Bridge Player
Kathryn A. Lucas

For fun I would play contract bridge in Old Main. My partner, a brilliant girl with double majors in art and physics, would swear at me if I made a mistake, so we did quite well - second place in the Tournament.

A Tour of America
Lee Mitchell

The Ambassadors for Friendship tour in 1960 was a real adventure. We did a roundup in Wyoming, slept on the rim of the Grand Canyon and visited San Francisco and New Orleans. This was a really great experience.

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