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Dear Old Macalester, Ever Renewed - Fifty Years '62 - Reunion - June 1-3, 2012

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Sleepless on Snelling
Eleanor Ostman Aune

Where I grew up, near Hibbing on Minnesota's Iron Range, if we occasionally heard a siren wailing along Highway 169, we'd rush to the window to see if it was a fire truck or ambulance and wonder where it was going. During my first big city night in Bigelow Hall in September, 1958, I was alone because my roommate, Carri Andersen, wouldn't arrive until the next day. I hardly slept because every time I heard a siren along Snelling Avenue, I had to peer out the window. After that first night, I snoozed more soundly; that is until Carri began dating Richie Anderson (class of '61), and my slumber would be interrupted when he came to seranade her outside our first floor window, usually singing, "Thank Heaven for Little Girls" a la Maurice Chevalier. Everytime I hear that song I think of Richie and my lost zzzzzs.

As Luck Would Have It
Julie Kaufman Rupert

Like many high school seniors, figuring out a college was not high on my priority list. I did apply to Carleton, my dad's alma mater, and was not accepted. What now? Quite late I applied to Macalester which was down the street from my grandparents' home. By the time I applied there were no rooms left in the dorm so the plan was to stay with my grandparents. I remember the car packing as quite traumatic. Bringing the ironing board to be loaded into the station wagon was the last straw for my dad. Upon arrival in St. Paul, Dad was not about to unload the car until he knew for sure there was not space available in the dorm, so we made a stop at Macalester. Lucky me, a room had opened up in Wally Hall and thus began a wonderful college life adventure.

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