Dear Old Macalester, Ever Renewed - Fifty Years '62 - Reunion - June 1-3, 2012

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House Guests and Housemothers
Darlene (Dolly) Sackrison Fraser

The Open Houses we had in the dorm were great and fun when kids from other dorms had freedom to come and visit. Summit House was fabulous for my senior year. Mrs. Scothorn was our Housemother. I later found out that her daughter was a member of my home church.

Friends on the First Day
Darlene (Dolly) Sackrison Fraser

I'll never forget my first day at Wally Hall. My family dropped me off and got me pretty settled in and no one else was around. Not long afterward, Jean Eddy came, and she too, was alone. Actually, Jean moved in right across the hall, and that was the beginning of a long friendship. We still have lunch about once a year and try to get caught up on each others life.

All Dressed Up
Mary Ann Gustafson Reed

Living in close proximity with those who became good friends made dorm life homey. I even liked the way meals were served, which was a pain to many. On a particular Wednesday dress-up night, I recall learning how to cut meat correctly from Mary Gwen Owen.

The Boys of Kirk Hall
Frank McKean

I have fond memories of Kirk Hall and my roomates Fred Lutz and John Parks.

A Roommate and a Friend
Nancy Halstead Mattfield

I have very fond memories of that first year on ground floor of Turck Hall with all of my new friends! My very best memories are of time spent with my best friend and roommate Patty (Johnson) Schumacher

Friends From Bigelow Hall
Marcia L. Wyatt Hokanson

I lived in Bigelow Hall all four years. I especially liked the friends I made in the lower level my freshman year. I met Jean Hillger Church, Susie Thompson Farnsworth, Dottie Hart, and Rita Spencer.

Dorm Adventures
Carolyn Wilson Anderson

Dorm living was a new experience with freedom and often fun: a house mother, curfew, oh-so-public hall phones, bathrooms, pranks, diversity of girls, and roommates. Turck Hall was a good home, but I considered myself lucky to live in Summit House for my last year.

Mac Housing
Bev S. Hewlett Campbell

Memories of Macalester must include dorm curfews. What college student today could relate to that? The Turck Hall aquarium, Wednesday dress up night in the dorm dining room, Earl's pizza, the Grill, Mary Gwen Owen's speech class, and the beauty of the campus in autumn are some of my favorite memories. I also look fondly back to off campus living junior and senior years with Connie Warren Tucker in a Summit Ave. attic, complete with a pull chain toilet!

The Ups and Downs of Dorm Life
Mary A. Martin Hasti

Friends, fun friends! Dorm life for two years with sign-in at 10:00 p.m. most nights and only sometimes at midnight! Meals in dorms were served family-style with the head of the table dishing up all the plates, and then we were allowed to be excused only when the head dorm mother was done! I lived off campus the last two years, and, finally, had a meal ticket for the cafeteria! I remember being taught how to play bridge as a freshman in the basement of Wally Hall by some hard nosed, tough seniors (good teachers, even through the hours of intimidation).

Deck the Hall
Mary D. Dunphy Billen

Decorating our room in Wally Hall for the Christmas open house was fun. We should have been studying.….

An International Dorm
Les Gundry

I have great memories of Kirk Hall where I roomed with Jon Magnusson, an international student from Iceland. Our room was a gathering place for international students where we had some great discussions about domestic and international politics. A frequent visitor was one of my best friends Donald Watters. He left Mac to study abroad and died in Vietnam. I honor his memory today.

Bigelow Passtimes
Eleanor Ostman Aune

Never did learn to play bridge while living in Bigelow Hall, but I taught most everyone on the first floor how to knit.

Those Same Roommates
Frederick L. Lutz

Remember living in Kirk Hall my junior and senior years. Had same roommates, Frank McKean and John Parks. We had a suite -- three bedrooms and living room. Still keep in contact with Frank and John. Lived in dorms all four years. Most of my friends were others who lived in the dorms and were from outstate Minnesota.

Wally Hall
Gretchen Jewell Pulley

My favorite memory at Mac is living in Wally Hall during my freshmen year.

Always a Tune in Dayton and Kirk
Larry Risser

Oddly, it’s music that first comes to mind as I think of life in Dayton and Kirk Halls, and off campus. The Kingston Trio (“3 Jolly Coachmen”) still echoes down the hall of memory as I remember Sam Campbell and Robert Allen just a few doors away in Dayton cranking up the volume on that album. In Kirk there were great, spontaneous bursts of the bagpipe from Moose next door, and I remember Evan Seymour singing "My sugar is so refined..." and playing the Brandenburg Concertos. During senior year, I lived in a basement room (where I had a darkroom) below Donald, Jane & daughter Katie Betts. There, I listened to Don practice the Schubert “Impromptus” well into the middle of the night, and Edis and I enjoyed spaghetti suppers with them. Also, winter Sunday suppers with Ruth Armajani and her savory borscht were wonderful--and listening to Yahya talk of the Middle East, even then despairing that he could see no lasting peace in that region. Baby sitting Ray Livingston’s children showed the extension of his sense of the sanctity of life that he found in literature extending to his home. The warmth and earnestness of so many professors—Roger Blakely, Jerry Rudquist, Robert Dasset, to name a few—made Macalester forever memorable.

Life in Wallace Hall
Jean E. Eddy Reissner

While residing in Wallace Hall my first two years at Macalester, I remember having only one phone and one local bathroom for the entire wing of girls only; Wednesday night etiquette dinners attended in your best attire; not wearing patent leather shoes as Dean Doty informed us that they reflected apparel under our skirts; 10 o'clock curfews with two 11 o'clock curfews a semester; and saying good night to your date in the fish bowl under the watchful eyes of Mrs. Meisel, our Housemother. Girls rarely wore jeans or tennis shoes to class but rather matching sweater sets, white dickie collars, and flats. Our children share lots of laughs with us comparing their college experiences with ours.

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