Dear Old Macalester, Ever Renewed - Fifty Years '62 - Reunion - June 1-3, 2012

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Professor or Student?
Susan K. Kimball Johnson

I worked in the bookstore and made a lot of friends. One day just before school started a young looking man with a crewcut, wearing tennis shoes and bermudas, came up to the counter with a big stack of books which I rang up. Upon giving him the total, he said "where is my faculty discount?" I looked at him again and said "what faculty discount?" Upon seeing his faculty I.D., I said I was sorry and gave him his discount. Imagine my surprise and trepidation when I walked into my first geology class and saw that the professor was the same person whose faculty discount I had questioned. Needless to say I wasn't his favorite student!

Master Chefs
Barbara S. Reagan Sphar

I would cook in Bigelow Hall's basement kitchen with Eleanor Ostman to save money.

The Off-Campus Community
Constance (Connie) O. Kane Anderson

For those of us who lived off-campus, the Off-Campus Women's Lounge in Old Main was a favorite place to relax and meet other off-campus students. The Off-Campus Women's Club sponsored homecoming floats and tried to incorporate foreign students, including the World Press Institute journalists, on the floats. We won a prize for the float on two occasions.

Better Than the Library
Roger Lillemoen

I lived next door to Fabian's bar on St. Clair and FairviewÂ…. I studied chemistry there.

Shoveling for the Rent
Lee Mitchell

I lived in a third floor apartment at Macalester Presbyterian Church for three years. We shoveled snow and washed coffee hour dishes to pay for the apartment. One winter we had snow for 10 Saturday nights in a row!

The Life of a Commuter
Thomas Livdahl

I was one of the many commuting Mac students. I studied in the library and shared lunch time in the cafeteria with other brown bag econ/business majors. (I decided pre-engineering was not for me after my freshman year.) I had a carpool of five Mac coeds plus myself from St. Paul's east side (an education in itself).

The Dangers of the Mail Room
Ellen Carley Lillemoen

I worked in the mail room during the summer. They taught me to run the addressograph. One day Dean Donovan Allen stopped by the door; I looked up from the press and stamped the end of my finger. I still remember the shocked look on his face and a bit of a mess. It all healed well.

Taking the Bus Back to Minneapolis
Joyce I Dahlberg Jensen

Having lived at home I don't have the dorm stories or late night campus tales. But I remember being the only female in a class full of men, since my major was business education. I also remember synchronized swimming, an extra-curricular activity that took place in the evening. As a result I had to take a couple of buses to get home in Minneapolis. (I had car rides in the morning.) In the winter I remember arriving home chilled to the bone and sporting a frozen ponytail!

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