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Dear Old Macalester, Ever Renewed - Fifty Years '62 - Reunion - June 1-3, 2012

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Fun-Filled Years
Rollin Crawford

Macalester was a life-changing experience, and I vividly remember my involvement in student government, producing the Mac Weekly, and riverbanking.

Mac Friends For Life
Mary Ann Gustafson Reed

Many Macalester gals became friends but none closer or longer lasting than Julie Kaufman Rupert. We're still good friends and see each other often.

A Commitment to Racial Justice
Lyle Dykstra

On the 1961 Ambassadors for Friendship trip a life long commitment to racial justice was born in me. It has been an exciting and adventurous life and it was Macalester College that prepared me for the journey.

An Eye-Opening Experience
Lyle Dykstra

Macalester College was a great place for me coming from rural Iowa and Minnesota. Macalester opened my mind to all kinds of new ideas. I gained confidence in my abilities, and by graduation, I believed I could achieve almost anything I set my mind to do. Fireside Fellowship on Sunday nights at Macalester Presbyterian Church was where I connected with my peers and felt secure and welcomed. I found weekly convocations and chapel inspiring and stimulating. Religion and Life Week each year was very worthwhile. I remember Rev. Dr. Ian McCLeod, the Director of the Iona Community in Scotland; Rev. Dr. George Buttrick from Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church in NYC; and Rev. Dr. James H. Robinson of Church of the Master in NYC. Dr. Robinson inspired four Macalester students to join Operations Crossroads Africa during the summer of 1960. There were 180 Americans and Canadians on a six week work study program paired with African University students in 14 African countries. (President Kennedy looked at Dr. Robinson's development of Operations Crossroads Africa and from it developed the Peace Corp.) One of those 180 students was Terry Lee Dick. Terry went to Ghana that summer and I went to Liberia.

A Room with a View
Nancy Halstead Mattfield

I rememeber sitting upstairs in the stacks of the library studying. I had peace and alone time overlooking our beautiful campus from that little window.

A Spiritual and Personal Education
Judy H. Henneman Cronen

I enjoyed attending chapel and learning good values in so many ways. It was important to me to be part of small classes, especially Miss Woods classes for elementary education.

Tennies in Winter
Margaret M. Dittes Swenson

Walking back to my off campus room on Vernon Street one winter evening, I was kicking through deep dry sparkly snow in my little white tennies (not so little, actually!) and suddenly thinking to myself, I have grown up. I am no longer the little girl in zippered snow boots with the mouton tops. I am making choices on my own: tennies in the winter! What a freeing thought. I'm in my adulthood and it feels just right.

Good Times at Mac
Thomas Livdahl

I have great memories of challenging classes, dances and proms, bands, including pep band, attending Mac football games and other sports, 3 1/3rd wall handball in the old gymnasium, and making friends with classmates.

My Life at Mac
Mary A. Martin Hasti

Mac means to me: wonderful diversity of students, great teacher training I received, and many fun friendships.

Ready to Face the World
Carol Gackle Reid

I have no one specific story to relate. I loved my four years at Macalester. I worked hard, received an excellent education, met my husband, and made life-long, wonderful friends. I graduated from Mac prepared to face the next 50 years professionally and socially; the latter, of course, due to Dean Doty's etiquette lessons! In my 71 years, the four I spent at Macalester are among my favorite memories.

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