Dear Old Macalester, Ever Renewed - Fifty Years '62 - Reunion - June 1-3, 2012

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The 1961 Track Meet in Sioux Falls
LeRoy Martin

Mac's Track Team had the honor to be annually invited to participate in the Howard Wood Relays in Sioux Falls, S.D. in early May. Athletic Director Ralph Lundeen authorized our team entry for the 1961 event. The Mac team numbered about 14 including four from the Class of '62. They were co-captains Ron Bole and me, Richard Hume, and Duane Samuelson. It was a two-day event over a weekend.

My memory is very vague as to how well we performed as a track team. However, I will always remember what we encountered as a team after the Relays. After the track meet we checked with Coach Ralph McAlister to get his Okay to go visit downtown Sioux Falls to have a couple of beers. About ten of us went.

We ended up at a Sioux Falls dance hall. We could tell it was a very popular spot with a high number of college-age students. We all felt good about our choice. There was an individual cover to get in. When we got to the cashier at the kiosk, he asked us to wait to the side for a few minutes.

It seemed odd at first. We were all stunned. Then it hit me. We were not going to get in because of me. Frankly, I kept my mouth shut to see how the guys were going to handle it.

Then Ron Bole and Richard Hume went looking for the manager. They were told that, "Only Negroes in military uniform were allowed." Evidently, that was not an acceptable answer for them. They persisted. Finally, the manager relented. They came back to me and said that we could go in as a team if I agreed to it. Every one looked at me. I said, "Damn, we're going in!" For me at the time that was the right thing to do. Ron and Richard had done the right thing!

A Motivational Threat
Lee A. Carlson

As a freshman I swam for the Scots swimming team. The group was small but spirited. Led by Coach Ralph McAlister, the unexpected was the rule. Before our conference championships he said, "Carlson you better place, or you won't letter." Motivated by this statement and a good case of nerves, I swam a best time and placed fourth to letter.

A Swim Team Win
Sam E. Lewis

I remember winning the MIAC swim championship in 1960-61.

Football Memories
James L. Reissner

The winning football seasons of 1960 and 1961 under Coach Ralph McAllister were especially memorable.

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