Dear Old Macalester, Ever Renewed - Fifty Years '62 - Reunion - June 1-3, 2012

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Always a Mac at Heart
Lolita M. Holden Johnson

I enjoyed nightly popcorn parties with lots of giggles; preparing and giving elementary science lessons to our colleagues in class; learning the correct short vowel sounds from Ginny Sall; babysitting for Bill Ingram, a nightly newscaster, on the weekends. I am still wearing my Macalester ring!

All Those Good Times
Jan Miller Knight

I remember great times in Wallace Hall, then Summit House; summer school night trip to paint the rock; lots of labs and field trips; great church fellowship with classmates.

Happy Memories
Jonell Lockhart Kristensen

I remember crazy happenings and wonderful friendships in Bigelow Hall, the joys of synchronized swimming, the fantastic lectures by Dr. Mitau, and studying in the cozy old library.

Trouble Makers
Edith "Edie" Ford Happe

We smoked in The Grill in the basement of Old Main. In the spring of 1962 we rode in a paddy wagon. Oh, maybe I shouldn't have remembered that.

Popcorn Parties and Library Naps
Susan M. Walker Mandery

Some of my favorite memories of Mac are: late night popcorn parties in the dorm, paging through the spotlight, enjoying the hot sweet rolls at the drug store, the dining room protocol at Turck Hall, and the many times I went to the Mac library, sat in one of the comfy chairs, and fell asleep!

A Vibrant Scottish Community
Laurie (Dolores) Dvorak Hoppe

I remember Dr. Mitau's class and the experience of being in a vital college community. I loved the Scottish theme, the bagpipes, and the tartans.

Birthday Celebrations
Barbara S. Reagan Sphar

I remember celebrating birthdays with the Elementary Ed. girls by going out to dinner in downtown Minneapolis.

A Sledding Accident
Barbara S. Reagan Sphar

I went tobogganing at SkiMac; unfortunately, I hit a tree and learned never to do that again.

Friends, Profs, and Teammates
Richard Hume

I look back and fondly recall my roommates and many friends at Kirk Hall. I also remember the select group of professors and coaches that guided my success in college (Dr. Upgren, Dr. Camp, Dr. Young, Mr. Bolstorff, and Mr. Macalester just to name a few). Our track team set high standards in performance and life. It's an old cliché but "Thanks for the memories."

A Wild Snipe Chase
Nancy Halstead Mattfield

I remember being sent on a snipe hunting trip in the woods by Jim McComb and others while they stayed by the bonfire on the riverbank. The worst part was going to the cafeteria the next morning for breakfast and learning that just about everyone on campus had heard about my being "had." I can't believe that I was that gullible!

All in Good Fun
Nancy Halstead Mattfield

I remember being teased by Tom Bates and Andy Anderson.

Comrades From Other Classes
Mary Johnson Rosen

Some good friends of mine were in the class of '61. I'm still in contact with Joy and Don Luecke. We followed the basketball team to a game in blustery Duluth. In fact, Don and Mary Ann Anderson were our neighbors on our Laramie, Wyo. street years later.

Fun Around Campus
Sandra S. Nabben Nyvall

I had good times at the post office, Bigelow Hall and Summit House.

So Many Great Memories
Julie Kaufman Rupert

Mixers in the Union, cocoa and cinnamon twists on a cold morning in the hangout in Old Main, Humanities class from Wild Bill Thompson, water floods in Wally Hall - some very destructive students plugged the sinks and the water would literally waterfall down the beautiful staircase, WPK hiding in Wally Hall attic, evening meals in the dining room with white table cloths and napkins, "mystery meat" was not a favorite, eating pizza for the first time at Earl's Pizza, learning to play bridge in Bigelow basement, learning to smoke in Bigelow basement, hiding liquor in the laundry basket -- probably a flavored vodka, senior year living in a suite in Summit House -- so fun, going skiing somewhere near Shakopee on a snow day -- my little black VW Bug was great in snow, making friends with a policeman directing traffic at Hennepin and Lyndale bottleneck on the way to student teaching in North Minneapolis -- my teacher was in hospital as she was stabbed when she plopped down on a chair and child behind her was holding a scissor, children's lit class from Mrs. Walling, a summer school stay at house on Laurel Ave. with house mom named Uva -- her previous job was at a logging camp -- some hilarious stories come to mind, one which earned an A on the humorous speech for speech class, a spring break trip to Mississippi gulf coast with Denis Dailey as a passenger to Illinois. So many great memories.

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