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 '63 - Reunion - June 7-9, 2013

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Choir with Dr. Ian Morton
Jeffrey W. Van

Choir rehearsals and conversations with Dr. Ian Morton were always weekly highlights.

Singing with the Minnesota Orchestra
Patricia A. Pool Merrill

My favorite memory is singing in the choir and little choir--especially thrilling is when we sang with the Minnesota Orchestra.

Fun times on campus and beyond
Sue K. Douthit Wirtz

*Uncontrollable giggling in the (quiet!) library.

*Ski club trips.

*Card games in the Grill in Old Main.

*Dances in the Union.

*Working on special celebrations like Snow Week.

*Singing in the choir with the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra.

*Spoonerisms - using students names.

Original radio DJ, among other things
Andru Peters

Enjoyed my times being a member of the Scots football team, being the Sports Editor on the Mac Weekly and as it is, turning out to be one of the original radio DJ's of Radio KDHR.

What a force she was!
Margaret (Maggie) Friedl Johnson

My most vivid memory is that of Mary Gwen Owen. What a force she was in the Drama Department, with her suits, hats and jingly bracelets. She became the mom I no longer had. When I started teaching I created an office, off my classroom, that years later I realized emulated her office. I can still hear her yelling, "Friedl!" Selling tickets to plays while smoking cigars, taking Armajani's 'World Religions' class, traveling with the Drama Choros, singing a solo in the '61 Homecoming show, and directing my final play, "Night of January16th," with a great cast in the lobby of the old theatre are just a few more special memories. I had a wonderful education at Mac and cherish those four years.

Long before "Cats" hit Broadway
Joanne DuBois

I enjoyed my term in Drama Choros, short though it was. I still remember our "Jellical Cats" performance, long before "Cats" hit Broadway.

Bagpipes and Mary Gwen Owen
Henry Pryor

I loved the Mac bagpipe band. To this day, I'm still not sure if the band members were properly attired underneath their kilts. The Drama Choros under the director of Mary Gwen Owen. What fun that was. Mary Gwen could never remember anyone's name. While wiggling her index finger at you, she'd say "What the hell is your name?" Always got a laugh. When we went on tour staying in area homes along the way, she would admonish us to use only the guest towels throwing in some "flowery" words to get our attention, improve our memory, not to mention good manners. And that red smock she always wore… I am looking forward to our reunion performance at the June 50-Year Class Reunion. I wish she could be there. She's probably entertaining the angels.

Taking a stand against Joe McCarthy
Mary A. Martin

Many of those I most remember were with me in the Presbyterian College Fellowship that met at Macalester Presbyterian Church. I think it was out of that connection that I signed a letter against Joe McCarthy that was published in the Congressional Record.

Alpha Delta Theta meetings at the Frenzels
Kathy Lawler Hansen

We had an honorary "sorority" (Alpha Delta Theta) for medical technology majors; Dr. Frenzel was the advisor to the group. He often hosted meetings at his home in Falcon Heights. I'm not sure we adequately appreciated Mrs. Frenzel's efforts in hosting and feeding us, at a time when she had small children as well.

Our Red Cross chapter
Kathy Lawler Hansen

There was a Red Cross chapter on campus and some of us became "Gray Ladies" (what a ’50's term!). I remember volunteering at the state mental hospital in Hastings as part of that experience. Thankfully, much has changed in the treatment of mental illness since then.

Joining the Pipe Band
Justine Broberg Boots

Of the many intriguing new choices which I was to make during my freshman year at Mac, I chose to join the Macalester Pipe Band. I managed to memorize the fingerings of the Scottish tunes on the chanter but had real difficulty when i came to inflating the pipes, marching, and keeping up with the rest of the musicians—multi-tasking before I knew the real meaning of the word. What kept me motivated during those dizzying hours of practice was the promise of a spring trip to Winnipeg to participate in a competition, to make new friends—a multicultural experience before I knew the meaning of this important gift.

Mary Gwen Owen taught us those edgy pieces
Terry Anderson Alewine

I enjoyed being in the Drama Choros -- Mary Gwen Owen was quite inspirational, and many times her pieces were edgy and before their time... I liked that! I used my experience many times with the students that I taught... it was good experience for them to read as a chorus with expression... and fun, too! I even taught them POGO.