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 '63 - Reunion - June 7-9, 2013

Coming to Mac

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A good omen
Ligita A. Lutsep

The first day, on my way to Macalester, I found a rabbit foot - a good omen indeed. Who would forget Cynthia Burr's beautiful singing the German Lieder in "Magic" in German Literature class? The distinguished convocation speakers: Dr. Thomas Dooley, Arthur Godfrey, Dr. Edward Teller and numerous others. Dear friends in German classes.

Such a contrast
Florence Kalenius

Coming from a small rural community to living in a large urban area like Saint Paul was such a contrast. Dorm life as a freshman in Bigelow Hall stands out. Having more access to the fine arts was beneficial also. Getting a good education in elementary teaching was most worthwhile.

"Why not!"
Henry Pryor

How did I hear of Mac? I used to ride my bike through the campus every Sunday to get to church. When it came time to select a college, I thought, "Why not!"

I only applied to one college
Cynthia Burr Larson

The person who was most influential to me as a teenager was Russ Wigfield. He was our youth fellowship leader at First Presbyterian in Fargo and I thought he was the world’s best person. I also babysat his sweet kids. When Russ announced that he and his family were moving to St. Paul to be a professor of religion at Macalester College, I was very disappointed that he had to leave us. This Macalester College must be a wonderful place, I thought, if it could call him away from our church community. During my high school senior year I decided that I wanted to go to Macalester. If it was good enough for Russ, it must be a great place. It was the only college to which I applied. To me, it was there or nothing. Fortunately, Macalester took me in and in due course, I was a student in one of Russ’s classes. The kindly youth leader of years ago had become a polished and admired professor and was certainly no pushover! Thanks, Russ!

Small Town Girl to City Woman
Mary Nussloch Nelson

Coming from a small town in Southern Minnesota, I wanted to experience city life along with obtaining a college education. Both certainly happened in my four years at Macalester. I felt so cosmopolitan riding the city bus down to the St. Paul Auditorium to usher for plays and music events. An urban setting for my social work field placement gave me a perspective that followed me to my first job as a child welfare worker in Northern Wisconsin. Mac was a perfect fit for me!