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Getting By

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Hard work at Mac
Tom W. Clarke

Mac was hard work for me. Dr. Mitau set the bar pretty high, as I failed his first two exams, thus learning that I had to work hard to pass college courses. Business Administration was my major field and through Prof. Buckwell, I learned, in my Junior year, that the position of Treasurer of the Community Council position was open and provided tuition credit, so I applied and ended up working that position for my final two years. Our Senior year was particularly challenging because the Student Union Board wanted to sponsor entertainment onto our campus, and the Community Council was the conduit. So I handled all the ticket money and expenses for the Chad Mitchell Trio and Dave Brubeck Quartet concerts held the Spring of our Senior year. Both were great events and lasting memories.

Commuting to school
Al Glorvigen

In the late 50s and early 60s, Saint Louis Park High School was a Macalester breeding ground. In my neighborhood, in a two block area, Jim Williams, Bruce Siewert, Bob Huebner, Darlene Anderson and I attended Mac. Add a few blocks and you add Al Griffith, Dick Olson, Jane Dirkson and Dave Hobart to the list. At that time many Mac students commuted to campus daily and that included many of us. Each morning one or more of us, depending on schedules, picked up a car full and headed cross town to Macalester. This was during the time I495 was being built, so we often drove east on Lake Street, across the Mississippi Bridge to Marshall Avenue and to campus. Since we all had to be on campus in time for whomever had the earliest class and staying until after the last class someone had, we learned to manage our time. Spend time in the stacks at the library or at the "Grill"; that was the question! And no one ever considered taking five or six years to graduate. Although Bruce transferred after our freshman year, the rest of us graduated in four years.