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 '63 - Reunion - June 7-9, 2013

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Horrific snow storm
Sara Hoffman Aeikens

During Christmas vacation 1962, with the permission of my parents in Minot, North Dakota, I invited a Macalester student from Kenya to celebrate Christmas with our family. Jim Shiroya rode with a Saint Thomas student who drove us through a horrific snow storm on an all night trip. The fancy automatic windows stuck and we had to cover them with our jackets. We got stuck near Jamestown, N.D. and our driver walked to a farmhouse, where we got help to start our car. It was quite an initiation of winter USA weather for my friend from Kenya, who had never really experienced snow in his homeland, nor the completely different culture of North Dakota! My main reason for inviting him was because my dad had spent five years teaching in Iran and was very interested in global cultures.

Where I met my husband
Carol Price Livdahl

I have fun memories of the semester break ski trips where I met my husband.

A trip sponsored by Upjohn
Kathy Lawler Hansen

I remember a train trip to Kalamazoo, Mich., sponsored by the Upjohn drug company, which had a plant there. Upjohn invited all the pre-med students and those of us in medical technology were included. First experience at being wined and dined by a vendor!