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 '63 - Reunion - June 7-9, 2013

What Mac Means to Me

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Lots of good experiences
Thomas Krueger

Lots of friends, lots of fun, and lots of work!

Years of challenge, growth, and personal opening
Paul Buettner

I started at Mac as a mid-year transfer student from the U of MN, in January of 1961, majoring in Chemistry, and with some catching up to do in acquiring the needed liberal arts credits. I graduated after the summer session of 1963, where I fulfilled the last of those course requirements. By that time I knew I was headed for ordained ministry. My years at Mac were years of challenge, growth, and a personal opening to myself and to life in ways I could not have anticipated. As a commuting student, I nevertheless found a warm welcome to campus life, lively and engaged teachers and students, and strong encouragement from both faculty and friends to follow the leadings of my awakening heart.

Renaissance education
Sue T. Gutteridge Lucas

Macalester taught me the value of the "Renaissance Education." I am grateful for the variety of people and experiences that were an integral part of my Macalester years. I particularly remember Molines and spring water fights and still don't like bagpipes!

Connecting after graduation
Geraldine (Gerri) M. Westlund

It has been a blessing this decade to participate in the alumni classes which have been offered for the past four summers. Through these stimulating encounters, plus attending Mac concerts and special lectures, I have made new friends both from the class of 1963 as well as before and after our year. I eagerly look forward to the Class of 1963 Reunion in 2013.

Appreciate it all
Shirley A. Johnson Eliason

Three years in Turck Hall bring back lots of memories. Spent senior year at Summit House. Macalester was so good to me. The activities, education, and friends. Appreciate it all.

Mixing things up
Walter L. Johnson

As a commuter I remember eating lunch almost every day in the grill in the basement of Old Main, usually with the same group of friends. Although I majored in chemistry, I joined the Drama Choros, almost as a hobby, and no one in that group would ever forget Miss Owen. I confused her the second year when she took attendance since I wasn't registered for the class--I just showed up and participated. I remember using snow from the fire escape landing in Organic Chemistry Lab to cool flasks--it was easier than getting ice and actually easier to use. Macalester certainly broadened my scope and interest in many things beyond my major.