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Dorm Life

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Shoot the moon
Donald Hamilton

As a senior resident counselor in Kirk Hall, we were told by the Dean of Students that we had to stop the practice of "mooning" from the rooms on Snelling Ave. After trying everything, I decided to sit in the church parking lot with a rather powerful air rifle. It took only ten minutes before a window in an unoccupied room in Kirk opened up and the subject behavior popped out. One shot and the window immediately slammed down. Later that evening at a resident counselor meeting, one of my counselors and best friends came limping in and fessed up to "trying mooning" earlier and some #x?! shot him in the butt from across the street. The problem gradually went away once residents knew we could count windows from across the street even though they really did not fear being shot at. I am still friends with my shooting victim.

It would have worked 25 years later…
Dale Ulrich

Don't know about it being favorite, but memorable... My roommate removed the screen from our ground floor Dayton Hall dorm room to grant passage to a woman student acquaintance. Never mind that it was full daylight and that a pack of male classmates stood outside the window hooting and cheering, or that she left moments later. The law was the law, and I was summoned to the feet of Dean Kramer to defend my right to continue as a member of the Mac family. Thought of this often since, especially when I visited my daughter's coed college dorm 25 years later.

A degree in waitressing
Kathleen Daniels Center

Living at Bigelow, Wallace & Moline's were unbelievable experiences. Lifelong friends were made. I worked at the party service which had delicious food left over from dignitary dinners. My mother thought I was graduating with a degree in waitressing! One day Dr.Rice's fork dropped & we bumped heads picking it up.

Recording late-night skits
Al Kvanli

I had three great roommates - Roger Goulet, Paul Hagen, and Bob Wicklem (all Class of 64). We rented the upstairs of a small house on Vernon Street- a couple of blocks from campus. We used to record late-night skits trying to imitate Broderick Crawford in Highway Patrol that were absolutely hilarious when played back at midnight but seemed totally lame when played back the next morning. Fun times.

Life in Wallace Hall
Janice Dickinson

Wallace Hall: Open houses, fire drills, quiet hours, meals in the dining room (breakfast where you could go down in you pj's, dinners served family style and often with guests) I remember Mary Gwen Owen coming, getting a quick course on etiquette and proper forms of address - no HI but Hello! Also trying to eat fried chicken with fork and knife and not picking it up in your hands. Those hours – 12 o’clocks and 1 o’clocks and grace minutes to be used for those few minutes when you didn’t want to waste your 12 or 1 o’clocks.

Great Wally roommates
Ellen Richardson Rau

Four great years in Wally Hall with Mrs. Meisel and a host of bright, fun residents, especially two amazing and supportive roommates who had more influence on me than they will ever know. Thanks, Vicky and Margaret!

"Man in Hall!"
Gail Dufelmeier Stremel

I remember the rare occasions when a man appeared in the dorm and someone yelled "Man in hall!"

Sharing the Phone and "Fish Bowl"
Georgia Jacob Zugay

Remember when: the single wall telephone on our floor in Turck Hall would ring and we’d look out the door to see if the call was for one of us? Saying good night to a date at Turck Hall was in the glassed in entry we called "the fishbowl?"

The First J-Term
David Ranheim

I remember the luxurious living in the corner suite in Kirk Hall our senior year! I also remember spending the very cold month of January 1964 there and in my favorite carrel in the stacks of the old Weyerhaeuser Library, working on my senior honors thesis during the first Macalester "interim term."

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