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Macalester Means the World to Us - 50 Year Reunion - June 6-8, 2014

Mary Gwen Owen

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Drama Choros with Miss Owen
Carolynn Tweedie Johnson

I don't really remember just how I joined Drama Choros, but, once there, I was hooked! Not only did I learn a lot about how to behave from Miss Owen, but I also learned pieces from Langston Hughes and others which opened my eyes to civil rights and social justice. Performing with a great group of friends and traveling with them to various places around the country helped me see the world from different perspectives. Plaid sashes and book covers, Cairngorm brooch (I still have mine) and Pogo all remind me of the fun we had.

My first plays at Mac
Jack Westin

My sophomore year I auditioned for the two Shakespearean plays that the theater was doing in rotating repertory under the direction of Douglas Hatfield.

I played Justice Shallow- a small role - in “The Merry Wives of Windsor”…no problem there. But I was cast as “Valentine” - a much larger role - in “The Two Gentlemen of Verona”… in fact I was one of the two gentlemen.

I was very nervous about the whole enterprise and to calm my nerves I took several sleeping pills before the opening night performance.

One of the scenes called for the banished Valentine to either hide- or take a nap in “the wild wood outside Milan” - I forget which. My memory of the evening is now thankfully indistinct – but I believe I chose “the nap option” and stayed hidden behind a large log somewhat longer than required by the script.

Getting vocal
Craig Scherfenberg

Performing in the Drama Chorus for Mary Gwen Owen, Ben Jonson's "The Alchemist" for Doug Hatfield and Interp Competitions for Roger Mosvick

Getting my first role
Ellen Richardson Rau

Being cast as the stepmother in Cinderella, my first role in a Mac production. A freshman dream come true!

"Speak up Lake City"
Georgia Jacob Zugay

I remember when Mary Gwen Owen, in her flowing red cape and hat, with her magnanimous personality and resonating voice would call out to me, " Speak up Lake City?" as we practiced for a performance. I’m sure I blushed but am grateful for having been part of Drama Chorus and having her in my life.

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