Macalester Means the World to Us - 50 Year Reunion - June 6-8, 2014


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Dorm games
Dennis Hippen

Kirk Hall Frisbee Baseball!

Mac Football and my roommate Tom
Stanley Miller

My fave memories revolve around football. Sorry! Beating St. John's twice and the comraderie of team. I also remember my roomate Tom Rossi, with whom I've been in contact via mail on occasion, and the times relaxing with friends in the coffee shop in Old Main. (I think!) If I make it to the reunion it would be only on Friday as I have a granddaughter with a birthday on June 9 in Sedalia, Mo, but that is my loss!

Frisbee in the Courtyard
Mark Nelson

Some of my favorite things at Macalester were playing frisbee on the grounds between the student union and the library. Also in the courtyard of Kirk Hall using the entrances at each end for goals to score in.

My 5'18" frame
Bob Dowma

Frisbee games in the Kirk Hall courtyard, where I spent my freshman through junior years. I usually ended up guarding the goals (entrances) because of my 5'18'' frame.

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