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Macalester Means the World to Us - 50 Year Reunion - June 6-8, 2014

Trips and Adventures

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Field trip
Allison Grove Hippen

Summit House Fossil hunting in West Saint Paul

Lebanon, France, Uganda and more
Susan Lundberg Johnson

Mac Memories:

  • Ambassadors for Friendship with Alice Rotzel – facing discrimination in Mississippi, travelling for six weeks with women from Uganda, India, Sweden, and the Philippines
  • SPAN – two months of research in Lebanon with Dr. Armajani as advisor
  • Versailles, France – cultural immersion experience with a French family coordinated by Mrs. Dupre
  • Host Family for Michelle Andriamananjara – Michelle became a lifetime friend to my mother and our family

That lake cabin party after the dance
Connie Eckhoff Charles

I remember the All-College formal dances. (I suppose all-college meant it wasn't like proms in high school which only juniors and seniors could attend.) One of the traditions was that you and your date stayed out all night—a big deal when you lived in the dorm, and, really, a big deal in any case. My sophomore year my date and I went to a cabin at a lake with a lot of other couples, and some of the guys went in the recently ice-free water for a wake-up the next morning. I just remember the fuzzy head I had the whole next day from not getting any sleep. It's kind of amazing to think about the outing now and remember that there didn’t seem to be any drinking (at least not to excess) or hanky panky—at least that’s what I remember. I have a couple of pictures of us, all so young and fresh.

Ambassadors for Friendship
Alice Rotzel Furry

My fondest memories are of Wallace Hall and Honor House where I enjoyed living with my friends Margy Thomas, Beverly Abraham, Connie Eckhoff, Jan Trowbridge, and Faith Ohman; and of the fabulous 6-week Ambassadors for Friendship adventure with my co-driver Susan Lundberg took four female, international journalists on tour of the Southwestern and Western states.

SWAP in Amsterdam
Janice Dickinson

SWAP experience in Amsterdam was most exciting. I thought I would not get back to Europe so at the end of working for the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam took a bus trip - If this is Tuesday it must be Belgium type - seeing lots of cities. Then Ambassadors for Friendship trip during the summer after graduation. Traveling with four international students and another American student, it was an adventure seeing the South during 1964 and the beginnings of the civil rights movement.

Hitch-hiking with SWAP
Carol Huenemann Eick

Another great adventure for me was to participate in the SWAP summer program in London, with a month to hitch-hike in Europe.

SPANning the Globe
Russell J. Greenhagen

I applied for the SPAN (Student Project for Amity Among Nations) program in as a sophomore. I I remember vividly the group interview at the U of Minnesota. It seemed like it went well, but getting the acceptance letter was a thrill. I had chosen Tanganika (now Tanzania) as my country of interest with little real knowledge but the next two years opened my eyes and changed my perspective. I have some great memories: dancing on the roof of the American Embassy with Karen Larvick, my love and my wife; climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro for the first time; the white beaches of Dar es Salaam contrasted with colorfully dressed Indian families out for a stroll; interviewing the last Sultan of Zanzibar; traveling to South Africa at the invitation of a German geologist, who shocked me by introducing a young woman at the airport as his "mistress"; discussing the 1963 March on Washington with an Algerian gun runner; getting measured for a Nigerian national costume in Lagos; watching the Ali/Frazier fight in the courtyard of a Nigerian Minister of Parliament; and many others. What a special time!

That Eternal Flame
David M. Crow

I remember that shortly after arriving at Mac, several of us guys went to an Open House at Summit House. For some reason (probably the need to screw-up our courage to go in!) we walked past Summit House and noticed flickering lights in the nearby Catholic Church. We watched for some time and decided we needed to ask if any of the women at Summit House had ever noticed those flame-like lights. None had, so we called the fired department. They arrived with sirens and flashing lights and tried making their way into the building. Finally one fireman on a ladder was able to make his way through a window without breaking it. He discovered that it was just the eternal flame doing what it was supposed to be doing!! Needless to say, the women at Summit House were more aware of our arrival there then we had ever imagined.

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