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Journal Entry Tracy Arndt
More Information - Accounting Policies, Guidelines and Resources


Department Cash Buy Form (In order to fill in / complete the form with your PC, we have found Chrome most successful.) Dave Berglund
Department Cash Return Form Dave Berglund
Department Deposits (Using Chrome on a Macintosh, you may need to download the document to your hard drive before completing the form) 
Elmira Marshall
Interdepartmental Cash Log Dave Berglund
Petty Cash Reimbursement (less than $50) Elmira Marshall

Contracts, Purchasing and Discounts

Standard Engagement Contract - Short Form                                                     (save to hard drive first, edit, then save edits to customize contract)   Matt Rumpza
Standard Engagement Contract                                                                            (save to hard drive first, edit, then save edits to customize contract) Matt Rumpza
More Information - Contracts, Purchasing and Discounts Policies, Guidelines and Resources


Check Request  (on a Macintosh use Chrome or Safari)

Nicole Tillander
Direct Deposit Form Nicole Tillander
Missing Receipt Declaration Nicole Tillander

Finance System Access And Approvals

Banner Finance User Access, Authorizations, and Approval Limits Tracy Arndt
Signature Form Patricia  Langer
More Information - Access and Approvals Policies, Guidelines and Resources


Pcard Application and Change Form Lois Welch


Taxable Prize or Award/Gift Form Matt Rumpza
Taxable Prize or Award/Gifts to Non-Macalester Recipients Matt Rumpza
More Information - Tax and Taxation Policies, Guidelines and Resources


Currency Conversion Worksheet Lois Welch
Faculty Travel and Research (FTR) Fund Application 
Travel Expense Report Lois Welch
Travel Cash Advance Request Lois Welch
More Information - Travel Policies, Guidelines and Resources
Grant Travel Forms


Check Request Nicole Tillander
Direct Deposit Form Nicole Tillander
Vendor W-9 Request Nicole Tillander
Statement of Services Performed Outside the US Patricia Langer
Wire Transfer Request Matt Rumpza
More Information - Vendor Payment Policies, Guidelines and Resources