Campus Center

Campus Activities and Operations
Eichhorn Student Activities Center
2nd Floor, Campus Center



The Ruth Stricker Dayton Campus Center fosters community by providing centralized facilities and services for programs which encourage interaction, fulfill daily needs, promote development, embrace diversity, generate revenue and cultivate connections to the college.

A gathering place for the campus community on a daily basis for food, conversation, activities, presentations, performances and services, it is also an accommodating place in which to welcome alumni, friends and the larger community! With its meeting rooms, open spaces, and specialized activity areas, the Campus Center supports a great variety of programs and activities that draw people together to exchange ideas, information, and fellowship.

Campus Center Hours

Academic Year Hours
Monday–Friday: 7 pm–1 am 
Saturday: 8 am–1 am
Sunday: 10 am–1 am

Spring Break Hours

Friday, March 13: 7am-9pm
Saturday, March 14: 10am-8pm
Sunday, March 15: 10am-8pm
Monday, March 16: 8am-8pm
Tuesday, March 17: 8am-8pm
Wednesday, March 18: 8am-8pm
Thursday, March 19: 8am-8pm
Friday, March 20: 8am-8pm
Saturday, March 21: 10am-8pm
Sunday, March 22: Resume Normal Hours