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Catering Policies

As the primary food service provider for the Macalester College campus, Bon Appétit provides incredible catering services for on-campus organizations. To access the Bon Appétit catering menu and find out more information about catering options, please visit the Bon Appétit website.

Organizations may use off campus caterers to provide catering services for meetings and events. Please note that Bon Appétit has an exclusive catering priveleges for the following facilities and spaces:

  • Ruth Stricker Dayton Campus Center
  • Hill Ballroom in Kagin Commons
  • Leonard Center

Groups working with off campus caterers or arranging for their own catering are responsible for ensuring that all food preparation safety standards are followed. Groups are also responsible for all clean-up and trash/recycling removal. Any charges for excess clean-up or facility damage (stains, broken equipment, etc.) are the financial responsibility of the organization sponsoring the event.

Helpful Hints

If you plan on having an event catered, whether through Bon Appétit or an off campus caterer, make sure to anticipate any set-up time needed for catering prep. Make sure that your space reservations allows ample time for catering set-up. Final numbers for catering must be set 48 hours prior to event date.

Reservations does not provide linens for tables. The Campus Center will cloth and skirt tables when requested for panels and registration tables for events taking place in the Campus Center or the Hill Ballroom. Linens needed for meal tables or food service tables should be coordinated through Bon Appétit or your off campus catering provider.

Alcohol Policies

All Macalester community members are required to follow the campus drug and alcohol polices as found in the Student Handbook and the Staff and Faculty Handbook. It is assumed that individuals, as responsible members of the Macalester community, will be familiar with and adhere to the policies and procedures. The following must be followed to ensure compliance with Macalester community expectations and all state/local laws relating to the serving (and sale if appropriate and license is secured) of beer and wine on campus. Other alcoholic beverages are not permitted.

Minimum Procedures to Comply with Minnesota Law & Macalester Community Expectations:

  • Any event with alcohol present requires a completed Alcohol Approval Request Form submitted to Reservations for approval no later than 3 weeks prior to the event. This policy includes when wine and/or beer are served at a reception or dinner. Events with alcohol present may need to consult with Reservations to determine the need for a Certificate of Insurance indemnifying Macalester College or to get referrals for 3rd party vendors.
  • Minnesota law and Macalester policy prohibit open containers on public rights-of-ways (i.e., streets, sidewalks, public areas in buildings, etc.). Alcohol must be contained in a designated serving and consumption area. The Campus Center Atrium, Art Gallery Hallways, Olin-Rice Smail Gallery or any other publicly used space are not permissible locations for the service of alcohol unless the entire building/space is reserved for the event or alcohol is only served and consumed in a controlled area not accessible to the public or those under 21. Bon Appetit may serve wine and/or beer at a served, sit-down dinner in these spaces. For outdoor events, the serving area must be contained within a fenced-in and controlled area.
  • Events which require a license for the sale of alcohol or any event with an estimated attendance of 100 or more people will require additional planning and Alcohol Approval Request Form along with a Class T License through the City of Saint Paul must be submitted at least 9 weeks prior to the event.
  • Only beer and/or wine may be served on campus.
  • Student Activity Fee money may not be used to purchase alcohol.
  • Individuals are not allowed to bring any alcohol to an event (No BYOB).
  • State law prohibits serving alcohol to those under the age of 21.
  • State law prohibits serving alcohol to anyone already intoxicated.
  • It is the responsibility of the event organizers to confront and prevent underage drinking and require noncompliant guests to leave the event.
  • It is the responsibility of the event organizers to confront intoxicated guests and assist in their safe departure from the event.
  • Do not permit drinking guests to drive if you suspect they may be impaired.
  • The presence of alcohol at an event may not be advertised to the public in any way.
  • People attending campus events where alcohol is being served for free must be Macalester community members or guests of Macalester community members.
  • Alcoholic beverages cannot be sold without a license issued by the St. Paul Office of License, Inspection and Environmental Protection. Indirect distribution of alcohol through the sale of admission tickets, donations, etc. are considered methods of selling alcohol and require a license from the City of St. Paul.
  • Events sponsors are required to purchase reasonable amounts of alcohol for distribution based upon the number of guests attending and time period of the occasion. The determination of the amount of alcohol purchased must be communicated and planned in collaboration with Campus Center staff.
  • Event sponsors must provide non-salty snacks (e.g., veggies, fruit, crackers) and equal amounts of non-alcoholic beverages (e.g., soda, tea, lemonade, water, punch) when alcohol is being provided for free. Equal amount is defined as an equal amount of ounces of non-alcoholic beverage to alcoholic beverages available.
  • A group sponsoring an event with alcohol is responsible for overseeing distribution and consumption and accept financial responsibility for any costs associated with extra clean up or repairs due to behavior of guests.
  • Campus Programs staff must sign the Alcohol Approval Request form if submitted/sponsored by a recognized student organization.
  • Security Officers will be required at some events involving the distribution of alcohol. Determination of this requirement is at the discretion of the Director of Safety and/or the Director of Campus Center. Cost for the officers is the responsibility of the sponsoring Macalester department or recognized student organization. At least one faculty or staff person is required to attend an event where alcohol is being served.
  • The distribution of alcohol will cease no later than 45 minutes prior to the end of the event. Alcohol service must cease no later than 12:30 a.m.