Facility Information

Campus Activities and Operations
Eichhorn Student Activities Center
2nd Floor, Campus Center


Available Spaces

Macalester College has a variety of spaces available for on-campus event planning. These spaces range from intimate conference rooms, high-tech classrooms, elegant ballrooms, to first class athletic facilities. For more information about available spaces, please utilize our online reservation request system Virtual EMS to see specific room details, features, and availability. You can also use Virtual EMS to make online reservation requests. For additional questions about spaces and availability, please contact Reservations.

In effort to promote sustainability on campus and keep our facilities in top condition, we ask that groups be respectful of spaces that are used for events. Please be cognizant of other groups planning events by leaving your event space better than you found it, turning off all lights and equipment and removing all trash, recycling, and any other items brought by your group for the event.

Spaces Not Reserved by Reservations Desk

There are a few spaces on campus that are not reserved by Reservations. Click here for a detailed list and contact information for spaces reserved by other departments on campus.

Academic Classroom Reservation Policies

During Class Times & Finals | Registrar’s Office*:

  • MWF 8am – 4:30pm
  • MW 7 – 10pm
  • TR 8am – 4:30 pm

Non-Class Times | Reservations Desk:

  • Before 8am on MTWRF
  • After 4:30pm on TRF
  • Between 4:30 – 7pm & After 10pm MW
  • All Day on Weekends
  • All Day on Breaks (Fall Break, Semester Break, J-Term, Spring Break, Summer)

*When classes are in session, please contact the Registrar's Office, 651-696-6200 or registrar @macalester.edu to reserve classroom space.

Facility Set-up Requests

Some of the spaces available for event programming are considered multi-purpose spaces and do not have an existing standard set-up. Special set-up requests must be communicated to Reservations two weeks prior to the event date. Please note that not all set-ups can be accommodated due to size and set-up of room and available equipment. For more information regarding what types of set-ups can be done in various spaces, please consult Virtual EMS or contact Reservations.

Labor charges for overtime custodial for facility set-ups may be charged depending on the type of set-up and time of event. Any labor charges are the responsibility of the group planning the event. To avoid these potential charges, please consider spaces that contain existing set-ups that will accommodate your event.

Outdoor Events

All outdoor events should have a suitable rain plan; back-up date, appropriate indoor location, or cancellation plan. Rain calls must be 24 hours prior to event start time to allow for ample set-up time. Please note the following policies that apply to outdoor events:

  • Music: Groups must be approved to have amplified music at outdoor events. Amplified music cannot be played while classes or exams are taking place. Reservations Desk reserves the right to not allow amplified music if it will impact other events taking place in the vicinity. As per City of St. Paul Noise Ordinance, no amplified music may be played after 8:00pm. Any audio/visual requests for outdoor events should be made through Media Services.
  • Set-up: In effort to keep equipment in good working condition, available equipment for outdoor events is limited to plastic folding chairs, plastic folding tables, and a small multipurpose stage. Facilities Services reserves the right to not set-up equipment that may become damaged by inclement weather.