Card Services


Your Macalester ID Card

Your Mac ID is several cards in one:

  • Access Card – Residence Halls, Computer Labs, Science Labs, Leonard Center, etc.
  • Debit Card*
  • Library Card
  • Meal Plan Access
  • Official Macalester College Identification Card

*Your Mac ID may be used as a debit card at many on-campus locations and a limited number of off-campus locations.

Protect your card from unauthorized use

  • Do not give your Mac ID to anyone.
  • Do not leave your Mac ID as collateral.
  • Do not give your Mac ID to your friend to use your Aux Points or Board Plan.
  • Do not give your Mac ID to your friend to access a building or lab.
  • Report a lost Mac ID IMMEDIATELY! Do not assume that you have just misplaced it and that you will find it later. We can always reactivate your Mac ID if you do locate it later.


Card Services is open during regular College business hours

2nd Floor
Campus Center

Care of Your Mac ID

Your Mac ID will last longer and will work best if you take a few steps to protect your card:

  • Store your Mac ID in a wallet or in a protective covering.
  • Do not punch holes of any kind in your Mac ID.
  • Do not expose your Mac ID to extreme temperature conditions.  For example, leaving the card in your car, letting your card go through the dryer, etc.