GET Funds

What are GET Funds?

GET Funds is a website where faculty, staff, and students can view and manage one’s own campus ID card account to:

  • View account balances
  • View spending history
  • Deposit money to the ID card using a credit card
  • Turn off a lost ID card
  • Reactivate a lost card once it is found

GET Funds is always on. When a student discovers they are out of money at 11pm at night, they can still deposit funds, via GET Funds using a credit card. No excuse for not having that laundry done! When you add money to your card account online, the money is ready to use instantly.
Faculty, staff and students can also allow others to add to their account. In order to do, the card holder must share their Mac ID number with the person adding money to the account.

Get the app

Available on the App Store


How do I sign up?

Go to and register for an account.

Tips about Registering/Signing Up

Student ID

  • This is really your MAC ID number. This works for faculty and staff too. This must be 9 digits. If your Mac ID number is less than 9 digits, use as many leading 0 (zeros) as necessary to make a 9 digit ID number. Example – My Mac ID # is 123456. On GET Funds, I need to enter 000123456 as my Mac ID number.

Email Address

  • This can be any email address. It does not have to be your Macalester email address. GET Funds will send a sign up confirmation and receipts for deposits to this email address.


  • Must be between 7-12 characters in length. Must contain at least one letter and one number. Is case-sensitive.

How do I give my parents/others access to my GET Funds account so they can add Aux Points to my Mac ID?

  • The card holder must share their Mac ID number with the person adding money to the account.
  • The person goes to and select "Parents: Click Here to Deposit into a Student's Account"
  • Is there a charge for using GET Funds?

    There is a $1 convenience fee for each deposit via credit/debit card to GET Funds. There is no charge for spending GET Funds.
  • Watch how-to YouTube videos

    GET: Day in the Life
    GET: How to Deposite Funds