Prospective Staff

Welcome to our webpage designed specifically for those interested in exploring a professional position in Campus Life at Macalester College. I am delighted you have taken an initial interest and hope that the resources on this page will better help you learn about Macalester College in general and Campus Life specifically.

Macalester College is a unique place with amazing students and strong sense of culture. We are a small private, liberal arts, residential campus in the heart of a vibrant urban area. Learn about the history of Macalester. Although every institution of higher education has a set of priorities or values, Macalester College is the only place I have ever been where those values are lived each and every day and not just words on the admissions brochure or fundraising materials. At Macalester you can grab any random student on the sidewalk and ask what the core values are and the student will rattle them off quickly (academic excellence, civic engagement, multiculturalism, and internationalism) and think it is strange you are asking because “everyone knows that.” As staff we discuss, debate, role model, and base daily decisions on the core values of the College.

The College attracts students who are very intellectually bright, passionate about their interests, and deeply believe that they can and will make a difference in the world. Our student population is diverse (20% domestic students of color), international (18% international students), and highly engaged. Although they bring high intellectual capacity, they are developing their identity, maturity, and social skills just like most traditionally aged college students. If you ask student affairs staff members what they love best about working at Mac, you would find that just about everyone will answer, “the students.”

Campus Life includes residential life staff, card services, conduct, and other resources for students. This campus life model helps us facilitate a collaborative core at the heart of the student experience. As a department we are hard working, dedicated, and place connections with students at the center of our work. This is a place where, for example, a residence hall director can know all of one’s resident’s names (not to mention home town and significant areas of involvement on campus).

Our work in Campus Life is centered on a student learning outcomes approach. These learning outcomes are tied directly to the College mission and core values and guide all of our educational efforts. These learning outcomes help us set priorities and be intentional about our pedagogy to make the most of the educational opportunities beyond the classroom. Here is how students describe that playing out in their lives beyond the classroom. We also have a culture of “positive restlessness” in which we are constantly trying to figure out how we can do things better, including the things we do very well and the things we don’t do so well. This means we embrace change, feedback, and innovation. 

Keith Edwards

Our people  are definitely our strength and we place a strong emphasis on identifying new team members who are a good fit and who can contribute great things to the student experience at Macalester. We hope you’ll check out what is here on this page and see if this is a good fit for you!

-Keith E. Edwards, Ph.D
Director of Campus Life