Fifth Week Newsletter

MAC Involvement

By now life at Macalester may have begun to feel like second nature, but before the newness wears off, we want to offer some suggestions for getting involved on campus. You can find success participating in a wide range of activities and programs. In addition, you will find many strong connections between in and out of the classroom activities on campus.

With over 100 chartered student organizations, athletics, musical groups, theater productions, and academic organizations, the toughest choice may be narrowing down your options!


The Campus Programs Office is located on the second floor of the Campus Center, and is a one-stop shop for information and insight about getting connected and making things happen on campus.

Campus Programs oversees:

  • New Student Orientation
  • MacWard Bound
  • Welcome Week
  • Sophomore Leadership Program
  • Leadership Conference
  • Student Organization Leader Orientation
  • Leadership Workshop Series
  • OrgSync
  • Senior Week
  • Provides support for Macalester College Student Government and Program Board
  • Helps to advise 100+ student organizations

Check out the Campus Programs website for more information.


Macalester College Student Government (MCSG) is the organization to join if you wish to participate directly in campus policies and events. MCSG's elected student representatives govern the budgeting of student groups, facilitate discussion on campus issues, and act as a liaison between students and the administration.


Program board is a branch of the Macalester College Student Government and provides cultural, educational, and social events for students on campus. PB utilizes a portion of student activities fees allocated to the board to promote and foster leadership opportunities for Macalester students.


There are over 100 student organizations at Macalester. For a list and brief description of these student organizations click here.

OrgSync is an online organization management tool used to communicate with members of student organizations. It is also a resource that enables student organizations to manage their events, calendars, files, websites and much more.


The Student Organization Resource Center (SORC), also called the "SOURCE", is housed in Campus Programs. Paint, paper, glue and a die-cuttiing machine can be found here and are available for use by student organizations.


From the Library to Cafe Mac, the Alumni Office to Facilities, the Sustainability Office is making a difference, many projects at a time! For a list of current endeavors click here

The Office is always looking for ways to make Macalester's campus more sustainable. If you have a good idea, the office may be able to provide you with funding to make it happen. Or you could get involved in one of the student projects that are currently in progress. For a list of current projects click here.

It's a big world to save for one small office. They can always use your help! Feel free to email with questions or to get involved.


"Sign up for the mailing list of every org that sounds remotely interesting. Org leaders and members are used to new students 'trying them out,' so don't worry about coming to the first few meetings and then asking to be taken off the mailing list when you've fallen in love with a different org." - Bea Rendon ('13)

"If you're a student who thinks they know their interests, go ahead and try some organizations that represent a new interest. Student orgs are a great way to explore new interests, build upon old passions, and share experiences with other students." - Niko Martell ('13)

"Don't try to be anyone but yourself. Even if people say college is a place to reinvent yourself, 'Just do you.'" - John Kreitzberg ('15)


  • What student organizations have you considered joining or have you already joined?
  • Why are you considering joining these student organizations over others?
  • What's the purpose of student organizations? Are you going for personal or professional reasons?

SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn aren't the only ways to engage in social media today. Check out Ted Talks to learn about everything from leadership to public policy to how to be successful doing what you love. Take some time to engage in discussions, learn new things, and maybe even Tweet, Facebook, or Blog about your favorite Ted Talk.